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8/6/2013 c13 potatoislifepotatoislove
So... Bill and Dino are a couple? *grinning widely here* Cool! Is this slash pairing for Harry (since the summary said there's slash)? Just wanted to make sure is all...
8/6/2013 c10 potatoislifepotatoislove
At first I didn't really want to read this (as in previous chapters before this), seeing as I just wanted to get onto the action already, but I gave in to my mind and read. And it's good! I didn't read all chapters previous to this per say (sorry!), but this is really good. I wish there was more of good HPxKHR crossovers that involve more on KHR, less HP.
8/6/2013 c9 9Fuyutaro son
i give up. i skimmed each and every single part of this story up until now, and you've basically made harry give up magic, even though he has a wand... i'm not going to flame, but a warning would have been nice, so that people who aren't into this kind of story, like myself, can avoid it.
8/6/2013 c2 Fuyutaro son
... i really enjoyed the first chapter, and the first half of this one, but i have to say, the horribly cheezy fighting lines, and the fact that harry has turned into an idiot... I'm sorry, but if harry's IQ doesn't come back up to at least human levels, i'm off.
8/3/2013 c14 5Mirthful-Malady
Oh harry's secrets out now...
8/1/2013 c2 1He-who-runs-into-walls
of course she got no screen time compared to Kyoko Tsunas crush and Haru whos oddity probably made her like a foot fungus with screen time
7/30/2013 c9 4Dymian
Wait, did harry resist the anti-clothes effect of the dieing will bullet, or just shrug it off entirely? Cuz he didn't react like he realized he had suddenly been stripped down to his underwear...
7/28/2013 c3 4Resya018
I found this story is amazing. Unfortunately this fic will have (or already have) pairings here. It will be very interesting if there's no romance from the start. Just full of friendship and probably a little bit of fluff...
7/22/2013 c14 2GreenDrkness
awwww Fudge caught in the act of magic
how will harry explain this one
Keep on the writes
7/20/2013 c14 3charm13insomnia
wow isn't that the million dollar question
cool fic looking forwards to the next chapter
7/17/2013 c14 Guest
Yay, new chapter! I enjoyed reading it. The transition between the last chapter and this one confused me, though. Harry leaves the shrine, finds Gokudera in front of him, and then...nothing? This chapter makes no reference to that, though I think it said at one point that Gokudera didn't know he lived at the shrine. So...yeah, I'm confused. ; Also, during the end of this chapter, Harry set MM down to check on Takeshi, clinched his fists while talking to Lancia, and then inexplicably gave MM to Haru (nevermind that Haru carrying someone seems unlikely without a huge adrenaline burst!). Sorry about spening most of the review pointing stuff like that out - I did enjoy the chapter, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after the Patronus! - but it just bugged me. :)
7/17/2013 c14 Guest
Yay! Another chapter up! So excited. Read it and can't retread it again... Ooh...magic is coming out into the open! What will harry do now?

So harry attends namimori? Don't leave! Stay here with tsuna and the others!

I totally ship HarryxTakeshi by the way

Great chapter! It was long too
7/17/2013 c14 Zai
I hope your next update is soon!
7/17/2013 c14 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story .
7/17/2013 c14 vampireharry the 2
Another awesome chapter! Keep up the great work!
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