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for I'll spread my wings and learn how to fly

10/25/2011 c3 15HowlingDomain
This is good James, I like it.
9/24/2011 c4 25Robyn Hood

Fantastic work! Everything has improved so drastically! I only caught a few typos, but let's face it, everyone has a few. Keep up the good work! I eagerly await your next installment.


Robyn Hood
9/21/2011 c4 S.G
Geez, 530 AM!

no way, at least make it 6.

i'm glad his older brother apologized and everythings cool with the family.

Update soon.
9/21/2011 c4 the lone wolfos
great job on the uniform
9/21/2011 c4 5Keyblade King 12
Okay, better than the last chapter. But I think Adam accepted the whole thing really quickly. You could of really went further with him disliking his brother's mutation. Oh well.

The Institute's looking okay. Jean's okay. Scott's alright. You've got Kurt down to a point. Xavier's alright, but like when you were saying about Scott's powers. He shoots lazers from his eyes. It was too out of character. And then Kitty's too sterotypical teenaged girl you know. She's a lot more complicated than that.

Anyway, keep it up I suppose. You're updating frequently enough.
9/21/2011 c4 1San Wolves
Lovely chapter. I can't wait to read the next one.

Also you're welcome.
9/19/2011 c3 25Robyn Hood

I feel compelled to review this chapter. Accolades must be given for the extreme improvement of spelling, grammar, and format, though the story can be a bit choppy at times. I feel as if you are leaving something out, a sort of segue into the next portion of the story. The pace seems a little too fast, as if you are trying to skip this part of the story. However, the content itself is quite good. My heart aches for poor Chris. Please keep writing.


Robyn Hood
9/17/2011 c3 1San Wolves
These chapters are brilliant. I can't wait to read the next one. Good luck with it. I'll be reading.
9/17/2011 c3 the lone wolfos
so can he like harden his scales when needed and soften them again ,or does he not control them himself
9/17/2011 c3 S.G
Oh wow..Kurt any chick that digs the fuzzy dude is a 'furry', just sayin' XD

Good guess Chris..there IS a girl who can walk through walls...mabe TOO good a guess!*Bum,bum,bum*

OH COME ON! They should've told Adam what's what as soon as it happend!

My reviews are just random bits of commentary really..i don't know why i bother.T_T
9/17/2011 c3 5Keyblade King 12
Hm...for some reason. I don't know. I found like you weren't going into enough detail with the family bits.

His parents seemed fine with Chris being sent away and all they cared about was the cost of it all. That seemed really quite horrible of the.

And then his brother just sort of grabbed a knife from thin air and shouldn't his scales protect him from knives? It just seemed to quick, and there wasn't any real emotion there. It was distant, if you know what I mean.

Sorry if I'm being too critical, but I've always said the thing you need to work on with your writing was detail.
9/12/2011 c2 25Robyn Hood
Oh James95,

I again applaud you for your wonderful story. I admit I am anxious to read your next installment. Again, grammar and punctuation could use some work, but your idea definitely makes up for it. Please continue writing. So often we writers do not finish our masterpieces simply because we ourselves lose interest, however, our readers do not. I assure you that you will improve with practice. Now, get to writing so I can see what happens next.


Robyn Hood

P.S. Thanks for dedicating this story to me and taking my suggestions to heart. It made my day. If you ever need any literary help or a proofreader, just inbox me.
9/12/2011 c2 5Keyblade King 12
Wow. This is getting interesting. Chris' mutation seems to be a little extreme like. Usually the mutants in X-men will have one power and that's it, but I think I can see where this is going and I like it, so keep this up.
9/11/2011 c2 S.G
Not to be mean but i kinda laughed at a big dragon freaking out like that..I mean c'mon! You're a dragon!

Parents DO unfourtunitly((I know i spelled it wrong..quiet))Kick out their kids over something they can't control, they do it all the time on X-men. :/

Smiley Be-what? Was this a male or female?XD that idiot will never get a job.
9/11/2011 c1 Keyblade King 12
Cool new story. Looks promising. I can't wait to see how it goes from here.

Your spelling and grammar seems the same as always, sort of bad, but reasonable enough that I don't have a huge problem with it.

Is there a reason, you always call your characters Chris and Grace? It's just been on my mind, since reading this story.
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