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2/2 c7 12EmpressLoveSiren23
Hey quick I'm running out of spots to put my reviews when's next chapter
2/2 c3 EmpressLoveSiren23
Hi sorry for bothering you but whatcha doing
2/1 c6 EmpressLoveSiren23
Are you still there
2/1 c4 EmpressLoveSiren23
When the next chapter coming along cause I'm really running out of reviews spots
2/1 c5 EmpressLoveSiren23
Where are you because I'm running out of reviews to write will you be making another chapter and what are you working on
1/31 c2 EmpressLoveSiren23
You done yet because I'm running out of reviews to write
1/31 c1 EmpressLoveSiren23
Man I can't wait to see your chapter
9/3/2012 c7 kewlkat
The chapters are WAY to short. Make them longer. Other than that buen trabajo. (Good job) *snicker* keep going, love it! LU FOREVER!
PS. I think while they r trying to excape, someone from the shadows grabs lexi and takes her before anyone of the loonatics notice! *evil grin*
11/29/2011 c4 6DC-Kitty21
0.0 what kind of child would- nvm, this is getting better and better! Can't wait for next chappy! =3
11/21/2011 c4 Cowgirl
WHAT THE HECK A TEN YEAR OLD REALLY SURPRISING HE WANTS A PRICNESSES! This is great you finally updated. This will be great.

11/21/2011 c4 1The Veronicas Music Is My Life
That kid has problems.
10/8/2011 c4 Cowgirl
How interesting yeee-haaaww! I can't wait what happens next. Hope you can update soon.

10/5/2011 c4 118words-with-dragons
Love it! & BTW I watched the Looney Tunes Show, it was horrifying, Loonatics Unleashed was so much better, and I hope to make a 3rd season, so that when we all grow up, we'll see our kid enjoying it. (Us too! ACEXI!)
10/4/2011 c4 3DarknessEverdeen
DON DON DON! another job well done on this XD i can't wait what comes next XD
10/4/2011 c3 DarknessEverdeen
ay yay yay. there they go with a race to see who's fastest.

wait what? are you telling me that The Looney Tunes Show stopped the 3rd season of Loonatics to be on TV? that's just messed up.
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