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9/24/2011 c3 6pastelpandora

I love Looney Tunes. i saw upset they didnt do the new season 1st but i think the looney tunes show is funny but id perfur LU
9/23/2011 c3 118words-with-dragons
I watched an episode of the Looney Tunes show and it was horrible. I really want to sue Warnor Bros. and make them put Loonatics Unleashed back on. It was so much better! ACEXI 4EVA!3
9/16/2011 c1 8Kyuubi No Tenshi
Google translator? Me too! I also like the Japanese you have. Really good. Maybe you could try and watch Detective Conan/Case Closed for a while in the Japanese, that helped me understand Japanese better. And great story begining!
9/9/2011 c1 Cowgirl
Yay another fanfic yeee-haaaw! And it's a great fanfic hope you can update soon.

9/9/2011 c1 6DC-Kitty21
Sweet Sweet Sweet! Make sure Rev is the fastest! If Vicente wins; Aleu's heart will be broken! Trust me, Aleu doesn't want that. Awsome story BTW!
9/9/2011 c1 3DarknessEverdeen
wow. i did not expect a desendent of Speedy Gonzalez to be here. but then again, i forgot to read the summary. *shrug* oh well. can't wait for the next chappy :D
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