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for Heartbreak can kill

4/28/2013 c16 7lindsayrus
Hey! I really love this story! Please continue! I want to know(for sure. I think I know who it is) who the killer is! Please please PLEASE update as soon as possible!
6/7/2012 c1 liamftgaga
Tht was gross and i was just reading it imagine if i actually saw it. Eww eww eww. So anyway is it jerome or Alfie? Please update
6/7/2012 c16 1draconabraxas
Is it Jerome... or is it Fabian?

I mean, Jerome doesn't read!

6/6/2012 c16 7Jamber111
Wow, this chapter was so good! :)
6/2/2012 c15 1HighClassNerd
5/29/2012 c15 1draconabraxas
5/29/2012 c15 7Jamber111
Amazing, once again!
5/16/2012 c8 Guest
It's Mara isn't it? I'm only on chapter 8 so Im not sure but I think it is...
5/16/2012 c14 Jamber111
Wow! I LOVE IT(:
5/15/2012 c14 liamftgaga
Gah suspense much? Can't wait for an update!
5/7/2012 c12 Jamber111
5/7/2012 c12 Review D
still wondering who the killer is..please update sooon!pretty please?
11/11/2011 c11 FabinaForeverHOA
wow really good! update soon
11/11/2011 c11 11Fabes999
I never want to have nightmares like this O.O

Awesome chapter :)
11/5/2011 c10 Fabes999
Umm you said that Patricia was dancing with Mick, but isn't Mick supposed to be dead? :/

The part where Alfie dies was Amber's dream? I hope so...

Great chapter, can't wait till the next one! :D
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