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9/24 c54 Nonita
You have the ability to make me want to be one of them..In other words, you make me want to be a fictional character in your story so I can see what they are seeing..That dialogue between them, my God, it's hilarious..I definitely I have to be crazy to feel jealous and envious of a fictional character..I have no words to describe how happy it makes me to receive the update notification, thank you for another incredible chapter.
9/21 c54 6otherworlder81
Poor taha aki… . Love all the supernatural’s together. I’ve finally caught up on the story now, so can’t wait for the ultimate showdown. Paul and Charlie will lose their ever loving minds when Bella shows up.
9/15 c54 Sprig
dun dun dun~
9/13 c54 Mredmon
The plot thickens. Stupid Aro and his plans for world domination. It makes me fond of him just wanting to compete with Walmart. I'm still very invested. Can't wait for the next update!
9/13 c54 epinesderoses
love it !
9/11 c54 Madmaxi
M4D! It’s always a good day when you post another chapter! This story gets zanier by the minute and I am all for it! I can’t wait to discover what you come up with next! Thank you so much for sharing!
9/11 c54 2Angel JJK
Nice that Bella and Rose have gotten closer and Rose is better within herself. Interesting with Tasha Aki and I’m guessing his original pack. Look forward to more.
9/11 c54 107Theadosia57
Good for Carlise, but oh dear more than a few of them need therapy lol xx
9/11 c54 MonicaJ
OMG that was the best chapter yet I just laughed so hard
9/11 c54 aesir21
Hahaha BOB convo was hilarious.
It was hear warning to see Carlisle reunite with his father and I am glad he got true mate now.
9/10 c54 Loveforgreeneyes
Omg. You had Taha Aki have a conversation about BOB! That’s hilarious.
9/10 c54 binkleys23
I hope the wolf's kill all of the kings and the ones that are with them for good. keep up the great work. can't wait to see what happens next
9/10 c54 TurtleBeth
Another zag; thank you for the chaper.
9/10 c54 Guest
Yeah you updated. Are all the volturi evil? Even Marcus?
9/10 c54 HisSecretLover18
Wait so Carlisle isn't mated in this story? Awesome chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next.
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