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1/20 c38 MissEllen
Mama4, this is turning out so well. Lots of intriguing new twists and turns. I love it all!
1/18 c38 Emmom
uhh I am sooooo Happy that you have returned to writing this story! I love love love this story and your writing
1/16 c38 beth626
Absolutely awesome as usual!
1/14 c38 2spnfan2005
love it please write more
1/14 c38 rachel625
Wow! I have loved getting caught up! I can't believe the changes Paul has gone through but it is so cool that he 'inherited' James' tracking skill and Bella's shield! Can't wait to see what Carlisle has to say! I'm glad that Edward has been taken care of and will not be in this story! Please update again soon!
1/14 c38 Annie48
I have really enjoyed this story and can't wait to read more of it. It's getting really interesting.
1/12 c38 7Kit Wolfe
Okay this has taken an interesting turn. I can't wait to find out what Carlisle has to reveal regarding the prophecy. Glad to see Jasper has come into the picture properly. Hope we get to see Emmett and Rose at some point. As always great work, looking forward to the next chapter.
1/10 c38 Anony
Ooooo will there actually be some sort of fight coming? I wonder what Carlisle has to say!

Another great chapter, great way to start the year!
Hope you’re doing well!
1/10 c38 bluebarri92
Yayyy! Another new chapter! Every time you release a new chapter I got back and start the story over from the beginning! Love it!
1/10 c38 23Melody-Rose-20
I love all the developments with Paul's gifts. I also love Carlisle's sense of humour.
1/8 c38 T
Interesting chapter! Hope you update soon!
1/10 c38 asia.joanna.7334
Omg omg Omg Omg Omg Omg i love it. When I start read that charper Again, I moved as if I were with them in these places. You are incredibly talented.
Another great chapter I hope you update really soon jest.
1/9 c38 Babysis64
Wow Paul is a Prophet, to bring nature back. That is very interesting. Yes Paul and Bella both been through a lot, I sure hope they can get through what ever Carlisle is about to let them know what that means to be chosen as the prophet.. Thank you for sharing this chapter with us. Have a great rest of the weekend.
1/9 c38 Cory5300
I still love this story. I love the twists and turns. I have no idea what is coming next and I love that.
1/9 c38 dbwce
Yay! A new chapter to start off the year!
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