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for StarStruck! Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance Story

3/31/2012 c25 Pippa3OneDirection
lol! 'i want 2 swim with the dolphins' lol. im crying of laughter now! AMAZING STORY PLEASE KEEP ON WRITING! x
3/31/2012 c24 Pippa3OneDirection
i cantt stop lauging and cryin whileim laughing! that interview was so funny! Lol! x
3/31/2012 c22 Pippa3OneDirection
cool chapter. so im guessing that cody is 15 and greyson 14 in the story righ? amazing chapter and dont stop writing! x
3/31/2012 c21 Pippa3OneDirection
Lol, Kamille just makes me smile. She reminds me very much of Sam (Jenette McCurdy) in iCarly. Ha ha ha lol.

Amazing story!
3/31/2012 c20 Pippa3OneDirection
CODY ! :)
3/31/2012 c19 Pippa3OneDirection

Amazing chapter tho x
3/31/2012 c18 Pippa3OneDirection
I dont think Alli would say that tho, but this is ur story, not mine. But other-wise it was AMAZING (a per usual) x
3/31/2012 c17 Pippa3OneDirection
awww, Greymille?

im trying 2 think of mashup names 4 them Greysmille?
3/31/2012 c16 Pippa3OneDirection

Aww Codyanna r back 2gether again! YAAAY!
3/31/2012 c15 Pippa3OneDirection
wowzers i nearly cried reading that. but whatever u do...DONT STOP WRITING THIS STORY! I LOVE IT! x
3/31/2012 c14 Pippa3OneDirection

CODYANNA 4EVA (only in d story tho)

AMAZING story! Peaes keep on writing x
3/31/2012 c13 Pippa3OneDirection
i cant stop laughing about greyson and kamille's comments! LOL! OMG! i now kno why u named her Kamille. tnx 4 the AMAZIING story! x
3/31/2012 c12 Pippa3OneDirection
Aww, poor Cody and Brianna. I would h8 2 b caught making out wiv Cody wen his mum walks in. (chapter 12)

Tnx 4the AMAZING story! PLease keep on writing x
3/31/2012 c10 Pippa3OneDirection
Aww, they made up :)

Lol, Kamille and a mini Carlos. Carlos makes me lol everytime i watch BTR. He's very funny.

Please keep writing x
3/31/2012 c9 Pippa3OneDirection
I'm a little bit confused. Was Kamille ment 2 yell out OMG they're gunna kiss?

Butonce again AMAZING CHAPTER! (chapter 9)
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