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8/17/2012 c1 No Name
Hah, almost fooled me! I didn't look at the genre and only read the title and summary, so I of course was taken in. Brilliant. Very creative, no matter how "borrowed" it is.
I actually have three piercings on each ear (and planning on more in the future!) and one of them is the cartilage on both ears. :D I myself had a somewhat of a memorable experience. In my culture, we get our ear pierced when we're like 1 yr old, so it's not quite considered "rebelious" or "punk". Still, since we live in North America, getting cartilage piercings at 13 isn't...average, I guess. So my when my sister (who has 4 piercing per ear) and I got our ears pierced - by one of our relative who's a jeweller, nonetheless - we went together. I went first, wanting to get it over with. It hurt like a bitch. My sister went next and now knowing the experience, I held her hand and told her some usual "it'll be over soon" mantra. I guess I held a little too tightly because instead of saying thanks, she turned and slapped me. Can you believe it? There I was, trying to help her 'cause she got two more peircings than me, and she slaps me in return to vent out her pain and frustration! So even though I had finally gotten the piercings, my mood was a bit dampened by that (and the pain of course). Oh, and my ear was quite nasty for a few weeks. There was some liquid coming out at night - even thought the guy had used sanitized silver needles and earrings - and once when I banged the side of my face, I drew blood.
Haha, but don't let this discourage you if you choose to get piercings! After a few weeks, it was all fine. And earrings are awesome accessories, no matter if you're a girl or guy.
Oh, and good job on your other stories as well! I've read your two RyoSaku fics (Grapevine & Mafia ) and I loved them! Especially Mafia. It was too cute! I don't remeber if I reviewed - though knowing my lazy ass, I probably didn't - but I hope this sort of counts for that. Or somehow makes up. Prehaps my ear piercing story might inspire another idea ;)
Oh, and last thing: I went on your Favourite Fics list in hopes of some good RyoSaku stories, and found you're also a fan of Fairy Tail! Although, that's not much of a surprise anymore, it's become quite popular. Especially among young boys, no surprise there. Anyway, the point of that roundabout ramble was to tell you about one of my favourite fics ever, Unlocking the Gatekeeper by Persephone, I think it was. It's an adventure/romance/action (there's fighting, some really well written fighting) that's mainly centred on Lucy. Well, not really centred but she's the main character, more so than in the manga. Don't mind me being so forward, but you seriously have to check it out! Oh, and I'm not in any way related to the author, I just seriously think her/his work is absoluetly genius and should be promoted among Fairy Tail fans :D
Hope you write more RyoSakus! You have a nice, set style of writing, and your comedies are awesome! Good job :)
-No Name
6/7/2012 c1 10OROgoldenpair1
This was pretty amusing, good writing.
9/10/2011 c1 35koizumichii
haha...i thought it was an injection in the teeth.. XDD...

aww...tomoka screamed instead of sakuno! now that's hilarious.. haha..
9/10/2011 c1 72love at third sight
I think I've just been trolled really well. XD

Thank you. That was very creative and very in-character. XD It gives new meaning to "their bark is worse than its bite".

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