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4/16/2012 c1 booklover29
I was so mad when they didn't bring Minerva back in the books.
4/3/2012 c7 7Reality Hits Hard
One word. UPDATE. Its sooo hard 2 find good A/M fanfictions!
3/18/2012 c3 LunaLovegood167
hehehe that was funny. but Artemis would never order pizza. and i thought Fowl manor was supposed to be untrackable or something. or was that Hogwarts i was thinking of?
3/16/2012 c7 8Wrath76
No! Not little Bobo!

Maybe he has a residual memory, like Artemis. Artemis was mind-wiped in the Time Paradox when he was ten and he had a residual memory of the fairies; that's why he kidnapped Holly... Anyway do update; I want to read more
3/14/2012 c5 1Wrothmonk
oh no you didn't! Holly and artemis forever!

Well I guess i could accept minerva and artemis if Eoin Colfer actually did write in something that suggested they would go together.
3/14/2012 c4 Wrothmonk
ok that explains it. lol thats pretty good!

I think the pizza had some magic mushrooms that came from iceland. If you get that reference; I salute you sir.
3/14/2012 c3 Wrothmonk

i'm sorry but as funny as that is, artemis would not order pizza :P
3/14/2012 c2 Wrothmonk
askance glance? really? thats quite a high up in grade level vocabulary word.
3/14/2012 c1 Wrothmonk
"in a trademark Artemis fowl way."

Seriously? you think thats a good way to write things?

"His pale blue/ hazel eyes were studying an email on his computer."

It probably should be more like: "His pale blue and hazel eyes were scanning a email on his desktop computer"
9/19/2011 c6 1Temly76
I was amused by the last chapter... I have a problem with making my chapters longer too... But it is considerably longer than the others in the story, so cheers for that!
9/18/2011 c6 13Amithedragontrainer

Poor Artemis. His pizza hidden in his room. Poor guy.

Oh, and just a little note: Artemis and Minerva use perfect grammar, meaning that they never end their sentences in prepositions. Just saying.

Good anyway!

Holly's in here! Yay!

9/17/2011 c5 1Temly76
you should have them talking about random science or math crap and then have them get a message from the fairy about some diaster... after that i wouldn't want to help you (i like suspense). anyway, i think it's pretty good so far, i just think it's a bit short (both ups and downs, as i had to read this quickly the first time). love the story!
9/17/2011 c5 4HolidayBoredom
Ah, lol. You did spell Beckett wrong, but so did the two people below who corrected you. Beckett is spelt with two 't's in the book (British version any way) :) Also Myles is spelt 'Myles' :)

As for ideas... you could have Artemis take her on a date?

Someone could kidnap them both? Or just one?

Holly could introduce a new crisis they have to solve?

Kill one of them off? (lol)

up to you!

Best wishes,

9/17/2011 c5 13Amithedragontrainer
Ayyo! This is fun! Short (not too happy bout that) but fun!
9/17/2011 c5 2Raven Harkness
not to be mean but you spelled Becket's name wrong
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