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9/17/2011 c5 4Goosemasterluke
It's BECKET, not BENNET. the caps represent italic, its not a flame thing.

Anyway, unless you're really short on ideas, i think you should wait a little longer to update and then send out something longer. Also, I would give you a tip on how to get more ideas, but i dont have any tips.
9/16/2011 c4 13Amithedragontrainer
I loved how you turned a common cliffhanger into a hilarious scene. Artemis sneaking pizza may be a bit OOC, but it is one of the funniest moments in Fan Fiction history! Keep writing! I love this already.
9/12/2011 c3 8pearlgirl97
LOL ARTY ORDERED PIZZA! XD Although why he would have to prepare himself is beyond me. Even if this wasn't what I was expecting it made me laugh so thanks. :) Now get the next one out there! :)
9/11/2011 c2 1Lyndsie98
aagghhh i couldn't find it and thanks for using my suggestion! :D :D :D
9/11/2011 c2 8pearlgirl97
This looks interesting. I'm not a huge Arty/Minerva fan but I'm not against it either. Um you said slightly guiltily and askance glance, does that count? I want you to update soon! :)
9/10/2011 c1 3DanniWasHere
Dun dun DUN! Now I'm curious! I'd love to see how this goes!
9/10/2011 c1 1Lyndsie98
hey i luv patapuses tooo and hey it should be like, 'suddenly the door rang. it couldn't be.' ya ya ya
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