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9/8/2012 c4 2Haliegh
Fantastic story! please please start this up again i will love you forever :D
2/3/2012 c4 peachmikey11
Have to say I love Arthur's comment about it always being sorcerey. haha and a great story still. UPDATE SOON!
2/3/2012 c3 peachmikey11
Wonderful plot. This is very realistic, and by that I mean 'Merlin' realistic. Wondering how they will find this one out.
2/3/2012 c2 peachmikey11
This chapter is so perfect. I've always thought something like this would be amazing. Short, but good none the less.
12/21/2011 c4 SmileyMiley
Sorry to hear about school being a pain but I do hope you get free time to relax aaaand add the next chapter :)
12/21/2011 c4 12Reading019
good chapter. even if it is short. I'm glad for any updates. Hope life goes better and isn't so exhausting in the future. good luck! Can't wait for your next chapter.
12/21/2011 c4 11MamzelleHermy
Ooooh I loved the chapter ! I can't wait to see how Arthur will find the doll and a dragon !
12/21/2011 c4 14Nitestalker
Just started reading and intrigued by it. Thanks for writing and can't wait for more.
12/1/2011 c2 12Forceuser1989
did u abandon this story? nooooo
11/21/2011 c3 17Peacexfreedom
are you gonna continue this? (please say yes...)
10/28/2011 c3 12Forceuser1989
more please! :)
10/10/2011 c3 4Rocky181
Awesome start! Update soon
10/9/2011 c3 12GingahNinjah
O.o EEEEEEEVIIILLLLLL ...i need to stop watching phineas and ferb so much...
10/9/2011 c3 26strawberrywine17
Love it! Demon child and his witch! grrr! Poor Merlin! Cant wait for next update!
9/23/2011 c2 32Ulura
Loving it! Please continue!
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