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7/30/2015 c6 25DinosaurTrainFan
It was interesting to read about Kark interacting with the Pteranodon family, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Kark has grown to like the kids a little. Nice job on the chapter.

7/29/2015 c5 DinosaurTrainFan
And Kark got to experience the wonders of the time tunnel. Nice.

7/29/2015 c4 DinosaurTrainFan
Nice chapter. Liked the conversation between Kark and Mr. Conductor. :)

7/29/2015 c3 DinosaurTrainFan
Nice, I liked the conversation between Karkovice and Laura.

Here are a few typos and mistakes I noticed:

"Plus, your manner of talking is not like the dinosaurs from around here, which betrays the fact that you are a foreigner." (Doesn't having betray in that sentence go against Laura's conclusion that Kark is a foreigner?)

He noticing some passing dinos walk by reminded him of his original objective. ( I think "Kark noticed that some dinos were walking past him and he was then reminded of his original objective." would be a much better sentence.)

Other than that, really good chapter.

7/29/2015 c2 DinosaurTrainFan
Welcome to the world of Dinosaur Train, Karkovice!

7/29/2015 c1 DinosaurTrainFan
Nice start, but is Sparky just a guy in a dragon costume, or is he a were dragon like Karkovice? Also, are you allowed to mention beer in a fic rated K?

Aside from that, nice job.
6/28/2015 c9 Calvin
I never knew that the entire Dinosaur Train universe would be fascinated with humankind and dragons and the human way of life
8/7/2014 c2 vageta101
omg! i just LOOOVE dinosaur train. heres a quick story about how i met the conductor.

i was watching dinosaur train on TV, then i wished that i could ride the dinosaur train. the next day i woke up in a train station. it looked familiar, it had a tunnel near it and in the station, tons of dinosaurs were waiting there. i knew where i was, i was at the train station, this is where the pteranadon family comes when they ride the dinosaur train. i knew that this would be my chance to hitch a ride so i quickly bought tickets to the big pond. then, i heard a train whistle blow, then, the dinosaur train came. my heart started pounding when i saw the conductor, my favorite character come out and say "ALL ABOARD". then, when the conduvctor punched my ticket, i asked him tons of questions.

me: so, you must be mr. the conductor.

conductor: that's me.

me: i'm Destiny, your biggest fan, i love it when i see you on TV every day on pbs kids.

conductor: *blushes* aw, well, nice to meet ya.

me: your a trodon right? that means you are the smartest dinosar yet. your my fav character in the show, i even remember your lines, songs, and more by heart.

conductor: really, all my lines, say one for me.

me: okay. *i say the time tunnel line just like the conductor*

conductor: wow, smart kid. now, sing a song.

me: *sings: "trodon night train"*

conductor: wow, your good.

me: this may sound kind of, weird, but, i seemed to have developed a crush on you scince last time i saw you on TV. i'm going to the big pond and i was wondering if you wanted to come and hang out with me.

conductor: i'd love to, my mom could look after the train.

me: cool.

so, we went to the big pond and watched the sunset together. i felt different, a feeling that i never felt before. somewhat relaxed. i leaned my head on the conductor's chest hearing his trodon heartbeat thump away. i promised i would never leave him. the conductor felt that same way. then, i fell asleep so me and the conductor rested for the night. the next morning, i was in my bedroom, but the conductor was beside me. i was in the conductor's arms. when he woke up, he screamed and looked around. then, i calmed him down and gave him a small tour of my home. then, my parents thought this was weird. then, i asked my cousin if we wold play wii. he smiled and gave it to me. then, i showed the conductor how to play wii sports resort. after that, we had dinner. my dad knew that the conductor was an obnivore so he gave him fruit. i had a tv dinner. then, i showed the conductor my dvd collection and we watched Rio for the night. the conductor liked rio and he claimed pedro as his favorite. i told him about the new movie Rio 2 and that i was gwetting it for my birthday. after we went to bed, the next day, the conductor mademe breakfast. then, he asked me out on a date which i accepted. then, we headed back to the train station and we dated in the dining car. then, when my favorite song pitbull ft christina agulera feel this moment began to play, i sang beautifully. then, the conductor confessed one thing.

conductor: hey destiny

me: yeah

conductor: i...i never thought i'd be saying this but...i...i think i love you.

when i heard those words escape the conductor's lips, i pulled him into a soft kiss. then, the other dinosaurs noticed this, but ignored the moment and acted casual. when my birthday finally came, the conductor came dressed in a tuxedo and he walked up to me and kissed my cheek.

conductor: hey

me: yeah

conductor: i have some bad news

me: ?

conductor: i'm...i'm not... allowed to be here any longer.

me: what!? why?

conductor: well-

just then, the cops bursted in grabbing me by the arms. handcuffing me, they said i was under aresst for stealing a cartoon character for my boyfriend. i was pulled away from the conductor and my family. i hated this. tears filled my eyes as i cried while being taken to jail. i sat in my prision cell, remembering those moments when me and the conductor were together. then, i was freed from prision when i admitted that i just missed them so badly. then, me and the conductor met once more ane we got married. then, we had dino kids and lived happily ever after. the end.
12/13/2012 c10 6Crimson Clockwork
The New York Islanders and Dinosaur Train? Words cannot describe the awesomeness.

Genius stuff right here.
11/15/2012 c1 Goodfuckinggreif
Dinosaur train is a show for 3 and 4 year olds T-T I was expecting to find some fucked up shit in here but I guess not.
9/14/2011 c6 84KaliAnn
I like this story. Its good.

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