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5/28/2013 c30 Ermingard
Another brilliant chapter and again I immedietly want more! Poor Claudia finding a whammied Steve and of course poor Steve :) . At least they're all ok(ish) now. I like Steve and Myka's relationship they get on quite well hopefully there'll be an adventure or prehase the regents will visit and suggest Steve goes under cover?
5/27/2013 c30 43Makokam
Ha. A glider that puts people into comas. The guy must have walked away fro /a lot/ of crashes to put that much bad mojo into it.

I'll admit, I was worried there for second about Claudia being tired, but it became pretty apparent that they'd been back for awhile quickly enough. And have I mentioned that I love Pete in this?
Which reminded me that Myka has been all but nonexistant in this fic, so I'm wondering if that's why you're sending Jinks and Myka off to this auction.

And I have to admit, with all the crap in the warehouse I'm surprised there aren't more modern artifacts.

Makokam out.
5/27/2013 c30 2talyak
oh jinksy lol
5/26/2013 c29 adtn
a month-long cliffhanger? you're killing me!
5/16/2013 c29 silentflier
this is amazing! update soon!
4/29/2013 c29 18Rainpath
Perfect update, and just in time for the Season 4.5 premiere, too!
4/29/2013 c29 43Makokam
Well...this is either going to end in success or not well at all.
So, is the artifact some sort of tent that makes the victim...sleep?
Sure, seems obvious now but...I could still be wrong.

And...I dunno. I don't really feel sorry for Claudia...I feel more that her foster parents where a bunch of douchebags. Claudia is awesome! How dare they pass her off on someone else!

Makokam out.
4/29/2013 c29 6Ermingard
I love this story Soooo much, words just don't...Keep up this amazing work, I can't thank you enough :)
4/28/2013 c29 2talyak
oh jinxy... what will we do with you?
4/28/2013 c29 2islanzadi heap
I really hope jinks is going to be okay. :(
Please up-fate soon! :)
4/28/2013 c29 9rockyshadow
The hurt and confusion between Claudia and Steve is heartbreaking. I hope they come to an understanding soon. Steve under an artifact effect without help from everyone else could be a big problem. I hope he can get to Claudia in time before something really bad happens.
4/21/2013 c14 1curiositycollection
"I'm pretty sure that if Joshua had gotten the compass to work, MacPherson would have stolen it—my guess is that that's why he gave it to Joshua in the first place, so Joshua could figure out how to use it"
- Yes, I totally agree with this. This was MacPherson's plan!

"There was hacking involved. You'll be much happier if you don't ask of what. Plus I spent some time crashing large portions of the South Dakota electrical grid"
- LOL! I really enjoy hearing this recap from Claudia's POV.
4/21/2013 c13 curiositycollection
"except for Houdini's wallet, ... He gestured to the purple bag that he'd snagged it in this time."
- Ha, ha! I really appreciate this return-appearance of Houdini's Wallet. :)

"tomorrow, you are going to a real doctor."
"Says the guy who got his appendix taken out by a veterinarian."
- LOL! This is a great exhange.
4/19/2013 c28 43Makokam
That line at the end? It sounded like it was suppoed to be a bombshell, but I was pretty sure he already knew about that.
I dunno. I could be wrong.
Anyway, this was a good chapter. Made some real progress here, but I'm starting to wonder just how long they've been on this mission. Feels like it's been a couple of weeks, which just feels strangely long.
Maybe that's just because of the update schedule.
Here's hoping they catch another break soon or they could be here for a long while still.

Makokam out.
4/17/2013 c11 1curiositycollection
Good idea for an artifact - one with a historical background, AND a movie reference :)

"I was thinking it would be easier to forge one rather than steal one, anyway. Way less hassle."
- I really enjoy that Claudia's mind is always working, and that we get to read about this.
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