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for Stitch's Revolution

8/18/2020 c2 700mary.okeeffe.16
This must’ve taken place before the main events
8/18/2020 c1 mary.okeeffe.16
This is just like two Beatles songs

Rain and Revolution
2/26/2020 c3 X
It’s a shame 501 and 502 are dead but otherwise good work on the second chapter.
1/2/2020 c22 Guest
Can someone explain to me what happened to all the other experiments?
12/18/2019 c16 Guest
Never have I been so excited to read the next chapter of any story. Honestly props to you for making this, ill do a full review after I finish reading!
7/15/2019 c1 6EpicKoopalings
Well, this took me long enough.
Great prologue, especially to people who don’t know or are a little fuzzy with the Lilo & Stitch story. I loved the bit about Lilo’s dad being the one to get her into monster stories about horror and gore. It would explain a lot if that was the case and she stays into it to remember him, even if it’s a little much sometimes. I also loved the mention of her mother’s positive attitude and patience, something she’ll obviously try to emulate with a certain primary-colored dog. Also the mention of her childhood innocence with a more adult act added a bit more lightheartedness before the whammy.
The way you described her uncertainty and growing sense of dread was also wonderful; it feels like the way a child would think while also slowly coming to terms with reality. All in all, this was a wonderful prologue, and it even links two core aspects of Lilo’s personality back to her honoring her parents, something the franchise definitely needed more of. It’s been a long time since I’ve read this story, especially with all the revisions you’ve done, but I’m certain it’ll be worth my while.
10/28/2017 c1 Eternal Seagull
this was a great story, i honestly wouldn't mind a sequel
10/17/2017 c20 Stitchthebest36
I love your description of planet Turo towards the beginning. I also really like all the Shakespeare references in here. I also love the bonding between 627 and Lilo. It feels very natural and the chapter progresses at a nice pace. It doesn’t feel rushed. I liked the disabled Dad and I liked how you made the disability part of the story without the disability overwhelming the story. Shelby raises some interesting moral questions. I love how Lilo tells her story to 627. The battle scene at the funeral was intense and sort of what I imagine the recent Las Vegas shooting MIGHT have been like for some of the people involved. Well done!
10/17/2017 c21 12adrogoz
Stunning ending to an excellent story. I don't really know what to say
10/3/2017 c19 16The Not-So-Ultimate Writer
Okay, Chopsuey's name... I like its origin. A good sweet character moment is a good change of pace for the story, after watching a couple scenes of senseless murder, and before getting back to more murder.

Reuben's name story, I guess it's okay. He didn't seem to like or hate the name, but given what he thought would be it, it's not too bad. Still, he's had his redemption, but I didn't see Lilo interact with him too much. She has the least reason not to trust him, but it's still as if there was a barrier.

L.E.R.O.Y... millions of clones and not one has the self awareness to question his existence. That's some conviction.

It's cool how Chopsuey learned archery. A gun is a weapon of anger. A bow is a weapon of patience and discipline. It's a way to fight that is underappreciated in today's warfare. It was insane in world war 2, but it wasn't ineffective. There was a soldier named Jack Churchill who used a bow and arrow and a longsword. It reminds me of that. Understood how it wasn't about fighting for Chop, but I honestly try to find a reason to bring up a guy who uses basic weapons in the middle of modern warfare a lot.
10/2/2017 c18 The Not-So-Ultimate Writer
The part with Pig was confusing for another reason. Since I wasn't clear on if it was a flashback, then Jacques mentioning guests, I thought it was in present time for a bit.

The first fight got confusing. Mainly since at the time, I don't remember there being a second L.E.R.O.Y. so when it came up,I was confused on what was happening. It wasn't addressed until at some point it said "the second L.E.R.O.Y." and I didn't even realize there was a third.

I understand 89's pain, but I don't understand what his motivations were. If he sought an end to his own life, he could've done so in many different ways, much earlier. Why go along with Jacques' plan to do so?

It was relatively obvious how Gantu's deal was gonna go from the beginning. Even hoping for the best possible outcome, I'd assume Gantu, an experienced military commander, would be ready for the worst. Namely, plasma in the back.

It was nice to see that the team finally have their moments of peace. I feel as though 625 is gonna be hit by a plot spear soon, though. (To be clear, most are familiar with plot armor. The trope that keeps characters from getting killed when by common sense, they should be dead, all because the plot demands it. So a plot spear is what I call it when the opposite happens: a character dies because the plot demands it.) I can see Chopsuey getting his name soon, but I can only be curious as to how 625 will, though.

Okay, so this chapter brought something up that has been bugging me for several chapters. Where have the other 600 experiments gone? There's a couple that died, I remember that. Still, some of my favorite are still on that list. Spike, Richter, Slushy, Melt, Nosey, and Snafu (who is probably one of the more dangerous ones when you think about it.) etc.
9/30/2017 c20 12adrogoz
Wow. Just, wow
8/27/2017 c19 7ChaosDestruction
Well, ain't this an interesting development? Granted, it's been sort of expected for, you know, a while, but still...

Also, it's nice to see Chopsuey fully accepting his new identity, no?

Oh, God... Mertle.
8/15/2017 c19 12adrogoz
Another brilliant chapter
5/29/2017 c18 adrogoz
Where do I begin with this chapter? Spooky taking on Lukas Hamsterviel's form was an amazing scene, 621's rescue and surprise at the others still wanting to help him was nice, I don't really know if I follow what's going on with 627/Daniel but it's great new nonetheless.

And Hamsterviel. For a moment there I believed he was just going to leave, settle down on another planet and the story would come to an end. I really don't know what to expect next
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