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8/27/2020 c1 Iwasbornwithname
this más de amaze! This amused muah
1/7/2020 c21 5Allima
This story was amazing ! I discovered it recently and I'm really happy now I've read the end (and the epilogue... so sweet).
Thank you for sharing this :)
9/12/2019 c20 Guest
Grt fic .! Entertained my holidays
So thank uu
6/24/2019 c10 Caelan
Okay see, the thing I love the most about this story, is even though it’s a muggle story, you still found a way to incorporate little things from the original story and change just enough so they fit into the muggle world but not so much that we wouldn’t recognize its origin. And that’s just frickin amazing like I just love it so much️
7/22/2018 c15 59spittingllama7856
Oh my god. I've been reading this offlinethanks to the downloading option. I ran to the nearest router (thank you Wal-Mart) to connect to the internet to review this chapter.

I not only feel the anxiety Draco does, but I hate Nott (when normally I adore him), and want Draco to just explain things to Harry. They were doing so well! *sobs in anger and grief and frustration* Please, please, please tell me it gets better. The angst and this cliffhangersomeone help, I'm dying on the inside.

And somehow I'm still loving this.
7/22/2018 c18 spittingllama7856
Oohhhh yasss, Draco. I adore him. I still hate Theo, but that's of no matterI need Draco to win this game. Kk? Kk.
7/22/2018 c17 spittingllama7856
Squeeee! The closing line for this chapter is perfectly executed. :D

Also, the pain is finally over! I was on the edge of my seat as I read their argument. I'm so glad it turned out alright and that everything was mostly resolved. *sobs in happiness*
7/22/2018 c19 spittingllama7856
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! One, badass!Harry is the best Harryespecially when you've got badass!Draco with it too. And they're in love and entirely too sweet to NOT find cute (and hot too, but you know that already lol). I'm kind of sad it's almost over, but at the same time the pacing has been so perfect and well executed that it's awesome. :D
7/21/2018 c16 spittingllama7856
asdfghjkl that cliffhanger is both infuriating and perfect. Why do you write this so well? I'm loving this and hating it at the same time.

Also. Narcissa is awesome in this chapter. Just had to mention it.
2/27/2018 c21 Guest
I mainly stick to one shots, but something about this made me wanna keep reading and I am so freaking glad I did.
loved it
8/10/2017 c15 Bellalovecake
I knew this chapter was going to find a way of annoying the living shit out of me.
I knew it
3/28/2017 c18 13Yuki-Infel
Well, to answer the favor in this chapter, I first found Synthetic Bonds from sorting the fic list by the favourite count and Drarry pairing. Then I read the synopsis, got excited at the prospect of long hours of reading and dived in.

There you are ;)
3/28/2017 c15 That person
Does DE stand for death eaters cause if it does that's fab just saying
3/27/2017 c11 Just a person
You have no idea how insanely cute that was I want to scream and cry and cuddle someone all at the same time it's a strange feeling
3/19/2017 c11 Austione
This story is wonderful. I'm super sick and it's helping distract me and cheer me up :)
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