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12/11/2016 c5 LillyMoonLewis
this is great
11/9/2016 c21 Pandoroshi
This story is SO cute! I mean the relationship between draco and harry is simply...asjdfkdj. Ok now after having explained myself I want to say that you are amzing! This story is so fluffy, funny and smut( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡). It's really good also because draco is a chemist! It makes the story...original,particular. Anyway I really like it so thanks for sharing!
10/24/2016 c21 Windday
Tu historia es bellísima: tierna, erótica, divertida y sorprendéntemente los personajes siguen siendo canon. Leerla ha sido un gran placer, de hecho es el único universo sin magia que realmente he disfrutado. Gracias por escribirlo.
8/27/2016 c21 1cookiemonsta605
This was wonderful! I'm usually skeptical about Harry potter aus but I loved this one omg it's my favorite AU!
7/22/2016 c1 TouchDouche
Haha. Nice start
7/13/2016 c1 Elf3542
That bloody stupid everybody knows Harry Potter doesn't have cell phones at Hogwarts that's just ruining an already wonderful plot line
4/20/2016 c1 6albert-twist
Okay the ending scene between Harry and theo was just beautiful. Like I had to read it and them reread it so that I could laugh some more. The writing was just so brilliant and the love story between the two so believable! And come on Harry's cheap shot at Theo regarding Dracos shirt, gah it was just my favorite!
4/6/2016 c20 KatieMarrie
I'm so happy I came across this story again. An amazing reread!
3/9/2016 c21 87babyvfan
I loved this epilogue so much. You did an awesome job with the story. I won't lie. There were too many times Draco was annoying the hell outta and I wanted to punch him. Times where I wanted to make both of them but you did an insanely amazing job. I loved it.
3/9/2016 c20 babyvfan
OMG *stands up and claps wildy* That was amazing. AMA-ZING. I loved it
3/9/2016 c19 babyvfan
3/9/2016 c17 babyvfan
Correction. I think this has to be my ultimate favorite chapter. Why? Because they admitted that they love each other. Because this love-making they were doing instead of fucking. It was so beautiful

On that note,...I really hope Notts gets what's coming to him
3/9/2016 c15 babyvfan
3/9/2016 c13 babyvfan
Hot damn. The more the story goes along, the more favorite chapters I'm getting. I've found yet another favorite
3/9/2016 c11 babyvfan
I think I may take back what I said in the previous chapter. I think this one may be my favorite chapter. Thanks to the truth coming out and Draco nailing the Dursleys by the cross. I'm so proud of him. And of Harry too. I was applauding him in my head when he was telling off Petuna. I was like Harry yes, *fist pump* that's my boy right there.
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