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for Negima! Springfield and Kuroshi Redux

6/8/2016 c86 13tojaka
Great chapter, Setsuna and konoka made the pactio, "Zan! Ma! Ken! Ni no Tachi!" I didn't expect that XD
Chisame tries to avoid everything about fantasy, but she can't do it XD
So, waiting to see what will happen in the next chapter.

PS; Thanks for the chapter. :)
5/24/2016 c1 SnoozLoz
*Finishes reading dragon of elements*
Hm. Pretty good. *sees this story*
Oh cool a prequel! How many chapters?
*sees 85 chapters*
10/13/2015 c85 tojaka
Great chapter, I liked all the fights, I knew Rakan wouldn't put the things easy to them. The end of the chapter was interesting

PS: Thanks for the chapter :)
8/5/2015 c84 tojaka
Good chapter. I liked it. Paio had luck that Evangeline did nothing to her to do that thing to her.

Poor Kotarou. He must feel a mix between rage and sadness what happened with his sister And Kenshin must be rage and sadness because he wasn't able to protect her.

I wonder who will be the five cloaked figures... Are friends of Tertium or enemies of the Kenshin's parents?

Well, the fight of Negi and Miyuki begin. Let's see how it will go.

PS: Thanks for the chapter :)
6/29/2015 c83 tojaka
Good chapter!

Chamo trying persuade Koutaro and Kenshin to go to the women's bath, but, they didn't pay any attention to him. XD
Paio zi and Chamo could get along well.

"Especially this idiot's family...I swear I will never try to peep on his mother again"
Lol poor guy

So, Rakan also will enter into the tournament. I wonder who will be the person winner (Rakan has a lot more chances to win, but, who knows)

The part:

"That mind reader girl? She was just with the treasure hunters we were pursuing. You know how it works Sesshou. No loose ends. Alexander said. Yes, but you also had a run in with my girlfriend and sister who promptly kicked all your asses am I right?"


"This girl has the same feeling as the person who tried to molest Miyuki-San, Nodoka-San and myself a couple of days ago. Funny story, when I was looking around for you all, this girl had the gall to try and grope me in my transformed state."

I would like to see that part.
Could you do some flashbacks about what happened with Negi, Evangeline and company before found Kenshin again?
Did they also find Ako as slave of Tosaka?

PS: Thanks for the chapter :)
12/24/2014 c75 Nick479
Really great story keep it up. Also have you read a manga called UQ Holder! it's a sequel to the Negima manga series.
1/27/2014 c55 3uub
nice chapter and great fight,hope you update soon
5/11/2013 c1 1MariaLovino
What does this mean Fem and Teenage Negi does it mean negi is a teenage and female or does it mean something else im totally confused
4/23/2013 c49 3uub
Awesome chapter,Maou's personality is kinda like Aizen,now you got me riled up to when Kenshin & Luka merge and bring the pwnage to Maou,looking forward the Mahora festival arc
4/21/2013 c48 uub
Great chapter as usual, at last you're shedding some light on Luka, looking forward for what you have in mind
4/9/2013 c47 uub
heheheh , nice chapter my friend especially the ending , Ryomen should probably put a contract seal or something during the shower anyway keep up the great work
3/27/2013 c46 uub
Great chapter, Glad that Miyuki's confession went without much complications unlike Yukari's , so who will confess to Kenshin next? please tell it's Konoka.
3/15/2013 c45 uub
Out of the frying pan & into the fire can't Kenshin get a rest? hehehe,can't wait for you have in mind for the next chapters you rock man
2/26/2013 c44 uub
At last! Kenshin confessed his love to both Negi & Yukari, wonder if more of the girls will join the list later,anyway great chapter hope you update soon can't wait for the mahora festival arc
2/20/2013 c42 Key to Chaos
nice chapter, except the blatant rewrite of the ichigo/Byakuya fight, which i am so glad you didn't pull a berserk killing to substitute in a hollow to end it. lol, i can see the class being storm the principal about how stupid it would be to throw Kenshin out for things he can't control.
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