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for The Color of Truth is Red

10/24/2011 c1 7seward907
Absolutly loved it the ending was awesome Lol! Gotta love Toph. :)
10/11/2011 c1 42stay.traught.i'm.deactivated
El oh bloody el. Toph sure knows how to ruin such a touching, one could say, moment. That ending was hilarious. It made me grin. :)
10/11/2011 c1 2rezmutt
this was pretty funny lol and toph always seem to interupt their tender moments :P
10/11/2011 c1 16EternityRoze262
Hahahaha that was awesome XD I loved it and it was so cute :D
10/7/2011 c1 6Jennahbug17
It's really not all that short and if it is you made up for it with the awkward fluffiness
9/30/2011 c1 echotheinferno
lol how wonderfully awkward! i wish this actually happened.

i love it that toph can tell ur lying, makes for such a good story doesnt it?

i love it=).
9/20/2011 c1 15Ozuma thy Awesome
Suki was in the play? I didn't know that...
9/15/2011 c1 8GaaraHinataWake
This was really entertaining, I loved it. I can actually see that happening, if only the producers would have ended that episode like that, but oh well thats why we all have fanfiction to ease our minds with what should have happened. :D Nice job
9/13/2011 c1 23AnnaAza
Love this!
9/13/2011 c1 Angrybirds1123
That was ADORABLEEE3333
9/13/2011 c1 36superstar1030
that was sooooooo cute zutara 4ever
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