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for My Lion King III Simbas pride and the next gen

1/1/2012 c10 just me xP
OMG! Kopa's been taken by poachers! what's going to happen to him?
12/31/2011 c10 2Simba's Hommie
I liked the character known as barry. He was cool. The chapter was a bit confusing, but I sorted it out. This story has potential, so I hope you take your time and add detail to create emotion. Good luck!
12/31/2011 c10 1chaosblast321
Um what cliffy? Also I guess good chappie I can't put

Y finger on this but for so

E reason this left me generally confused. I do t know why...

Happy New Year! The beginning of the end starts now...

Strike the Wolf
12/31/2011 c10 64BroadwayFanGirl91
Hm... good job with your grammer. I don't know... I kind of got lost. lol. I'm soooo... what's the word? Well whatever...

Good job. :)
12/30/2011 c9 DJ
This was very short!

Where is Kopa off too know
12/29/2011 c9 60Villains' Bad Girl
your fics are so interesting. i'm so excited to see what happens next!
12/29/2011 c9 64BroadwayFanGirl91
What I'd like to know is how the heck lions drink whiskey. lol.

Good chapter, btw. Short but good. Your grammer and spelling is getting sooooooo much better. XD Yay.
12/29/2011 c9 5
You no what should have happend

Kopa should be obyed and take over the world cause hes' brast and the brain. brain brian rain brain

Need more enrgy Kovu should eat ice cream and appple pie and not have aood day.

12/29/2011 c9 8Nala-Nay
Aww, Kovu has so much to learn and know about for his newly found old pride. I liked his and Simba's little talk, I could totally see it.

How long is Kiara grounded for lol?

To Buddy!

Ha ha ha, how cute, Kopa is learning how to be a gambler :). Flaming sword 0.0...hmm...and now will be on his way to the capital...will he ever get home?

This was a cute chapter. Awaiting the next!
12/29/2011 c9 1Fewtch
Oh no! What's gonna happen to Kopa now? D:
12/29/2011 c8 Kvin125
great chapter and cant wait until the next!

12/27/2011 c8 4itisfinished12062015
Hmm wow its unique. I wonder what is next.
12/26/2011 c6 178Lavenderpaw
wut happened to my other review?

uh-oh. well, nice work so far. ;)
12/26/2011 c5 Lavenderpaw
huh, interesting so far.
12/26/2011 c8 8Nala-Nay
Yay! Kovu and Kiara are back with their rightful parents! All is well, at least for now I'm hoping.

How is Kopa and when will be able to see how he's doing?

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