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for My Lion King III Simbas pride and the next gen

12/9/2011 c7 2Simba's Hommie
Hey! Hows it goin? Anyways this chapter was very short to my liking. I can see your imagination at work and I think the part where Simba and Nala were getting in love was hilarious. Tremendous job cant wait for the next chapter
12/9/2011 c7 1MarinaBek
Lol. Simba and Nala were about to get all RAAAAWR and Buddy interrupted.

Typical D: They can't ever be alone together for a moment.

Kiara! Nuuu. D:

Now Simba and Nala have to cubs gone missing. Isn't this fantastic? Lol.

Update soon.

PS. Timon and Pumbaa still crack me up. They were my favorites in TLK2.
12/8/2011 c7 1Fewtch
Noooo! Kiara! Wasn't expecting that! Good story, please update as soon as you can. :D
12/8/2011 c7 64BroadwayFanGirl91
Kiara didn't even tell Kovu her name, yet he knew it? lol ookaayy...

Gets better and better, this reminds me of the good ole days. Sitting back, watching Lion King 2, eating bon bons... er, no bon bons... but I remember when this came out, I was so excited. Now when a new Disney sequel comes out, I cringe...

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. Thanks for updating and letting me know! XD
12/8/2011 c7 DJ
wow two storys in one day. good job jonny.

I cant wait to what you do next. let me guss Nala is the scafise.?
12/8/2011 c7 5
Hey boss!

Your back. almost thought you were dead.

Hugh Kiaras been captured. another mindless dron. terminator.

oh well. disapoint! or you will be fired.
12/2/2011 c6 8Nala-Nay
Oh no, Kopa is now part of the las vegas show...maybe he'll meet Singfried and Roy lol. How will he get out of this...

Lol Nala having to be a mom to two cubs, but rhetorically I'm talking about Sarafina.

I like Kamili and Dotty, they are a good family team to put together.

Your story is going good my dear. Keep up the work :)!
12/2/2011 c5 Nala-Nay
Hahahaha Kiara covering her eyes at her parents love, typical kid but it gave me reminders :)! Yay Mheetu! I'll have him in my other upcoming stories! Kiara is not shy, but her hiding behind her dad was so cute, I could see it.

Amanda! Leave Kopa alone! lol, she's so bad. (and you thought Malka was a jerk lol)

You seem to know a lot about San Fran and the other places you put in here, makes me want to visit.

What does Johnny have in store for our Kopa? Poor thing is so scared and wants to go home. I hope you get him home soon!
12/2/2011 c4 Nala-Nay
lol Kopa getting on Strikes nerves with all the qusetions and him having to answer what 'procreation' is! Lmao!

So you have humans in here too! I like it :). Brett and Reid, defiantely portraying the sibling antics. Brett is violent lol the way he hit that man over the head...with the bat...dear God lol. And then he ate the guys sandwhich lol. I'm enjoying the humor in this story lmao!

All the original charcters tho 'evil' i don't like them lol, they're evil lol jk jk. I'm glad Kopa stood up for himself.

Aww! I like Simba and Kiara bonding, you've def got that daddy/daughter thing down. I can relate :)
12/2/2011 c3 Nala-Nay
Zira think she is slick into making Vitani think she is helping her..ugh.

I like Tojo and Kula :), they're good as a couple, good idea! And their banter is nice too lol

And Simba thinking about how his dad would things all figured out and wouldn't need help, I could see him thinking that way.

Aw! Poor Kopa is leaving for Kansas :(
11/25/2011 c2 Nala-Nay
Are the lion king characters in the human world? I'm asking because Sarafina was drinking and you said Kopa was tested and all this and then sent to a zoo.

Hmm, so Kopa is now in a zoo with Strike...why would the zookeeper put him in there? At least with another lion or even a tiger lol. But I wonder how this new found friend will be to him. Lol the end of the story was funny!

"Kid, shut up and go to sleep!" Lmao!

Aw Mheetu! He's always been a fav of mine. I wana see how it's going to go with his in-laws.

So is Tama bad, or she's playing a spy? I always thought of Spotty as a villian.

Good so far!
11/25/2011 c1 Nala-Nay
This is interesting! So Tojo and Kula are together.

Tojo is the General? This is new for me, but am willing to see where it goes :). Tojo is like Simba's right hand man?

Will Zira really keep the cubs until they are older?

On to the next chpater!
11/24/2011 c6 2Simba's Hommie
Kopas reactions to when they called his name were very cute. It seems your in the point of the story where its in the rising action but almost near the climax. It will be interesting to see how you guys finish it off. Lookin forward to it.
11/22/2011 c6 Kvin125
lol, i love how sarafina is a complete drunk now. very good chapter

11/20/2011 c6 1MarinaBek
Haha Sarafina's hilarious. She's got a hangover and then goes missing, poor Nala's got her hands full with a rebellious kid and her mother.

Update soon :)

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