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for My Lion King III Simbas pride and the next gen

11/18/2011 c6 5
Ah Your back.

We were thingking you were dead. Did I ever tell you about how the jail I went to was not like the game. They dont let you make phone calls in the game. who would have thunk. hu Weres boardwalk anyways?

Anyway are eliphents going to kill off what they statrted?
11/18/2011 c6 64BroadwayFanGirl91
Hey there. Yeah sorry I disabled my PM, I just don't really use it nor am I interested in using it. People try and chat with me and I was uncomfortable with it. So I turned it off.

Anyway good chapter. Still some mistakes here and there but hey, don't we all make them? Update again soon and hope you cheer up.

Btw did you read my story that you wrote the review on? Or were you just trying to get in contact with me? Lol I was just wondering. Because I got excited when I saw a review for that story and then you didn't say anything about it so that's my reason for asking.

Anyway... Until next time. Bye!
11/18/2011 c6 DJ
Viva Las VEgas beaby YA!


Good job JHONNY!
11/4/2011 c5 1MarinaBek
Of course I would be more than delighted to review on this great story! :) Sorry I didn't get around to it earlier, I get busy... and then forget other things ): Hope ya forgive me haha.

Anyway, onto the whole review.

She embraced her dear brother in a potential death-grip of a hug. "Nala, can't...breathe." That is so Nala. She's too strong for her own good sometimes :P

The whole story is pretty good so far and it kept my attention since the beginning. Kiara seems adorable and Kopa... I feel so bad for him. He doesn't seem to understand what's going on and the whole zoo thing, I could imagine, is terrifying.

Keep up the good work, can't wait for an update!

11/3/2011 c5 Caleb118.rio
Ummm okay...
11/1/2011 c5 5

I am out of jail: Whats new Jonny? we had some snow here. I out of anergy.
10/31/2011 c5 DJ
wow Sanfrancisco must be a intearting city.
10/31/2011 c4 1Fewtch
Wait a minute...

Chapter 5...

LOLWTF! Isn't that someone elses oc?

10/26/2011 c5 3Starzinmieyez
Couldn't review before- I was away...But hey, I'm reviewing now :) I like this :) Keep going with it :P
10/24/2011 c5 Kvin125
great chapter! the lioness made me laugh, the escape scene was awesome, and there is a new character. i wonder what is in store for kopa now. cant wait until the next chapter!

10/24/2011 c5 Kopa98
Hey man, great chapter! Jenna was pretty funny. I can't wait to see how you time out the great return and kovu.
10/24/2011 c5 64BroadwayFanGirl91
This is the best well written chapter I've read from you! Well done, here, have a well deserved cookie!

I liked everything about this chapter! XD

What can I say? Except to update soon!
10/23/2011 c5 5193
I really liked this chapter! I laughed really loud when I got to the...excited lioness Jenna, and felt relieved when Jonny got poor Kopa out of the chaotic city. Very well done.
10/23/2011 c5 8Brasta Septim
Actually, her name is now "Jafar's Romancer"; yes, I've been keeping up with both her stories.
10/11/2011 c4 64BroadwayFanGirl91
Told you I was a fast reader! :)

Update soon, this is kind of funny...
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