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for My Lion King III Simbas pride and the next gen

9/21/2011 c3 2Simba's Hommie
Great chapter guys! Interesting this is a threesome. Kc zoo eh? Pretty cool zoo. Next chapter should be good!
9/19/2011 c3 11Jonny2b
5 I am gald you liked this chapter but you fucking crossed the line. dont read this anymore. Leaver her alone.
9/19/2011 c3 5
Wow this actually grabbed my attention Jonny2b.

vitani now branwashed and Simba actually a week king. Dont care much what you got going with the cocky Kopa. Strike the wolf should have been alseep.

By the way Jonny tell me what did you actualy do to piss off cocuconut coral. she is a little. well I am sure you a desice man and know what to do.

Too bad you get get well with the ladies.
9/19/2011 c3 8Brasta Septim
Hey, anybody forgetting ME? Wow, this actually came out nicely. I wish you could of kept the X's, but oh well. By the way, it's "vesperal" not "visceral." Vesperal means evening.
9/18/2011 c3 DJ
nice chapter jonny. Were you playing a star trek tune when you wrote the outlands seen?

Kirk and simba good pair.

poor kopa
9/18/2011 c3 5SHReid
Good job brasta with the editing. Good job jonny with the ideas and script. I hope the next chapter will be as good as this.
9/16/2011 c2 1chaosblast321
Um ya go tthe description wrong...also why is everything repeated 2? Um why is my personality so bitchy? ANyways i gave ya permission so i wont go all #5 on ya ass just bringing up a few things, um also nice job slightly confuse why things are repeated but oh well. Nice chap and hopefully your cameo of me is less bitchy. OH and TOO #5: Back off! just because you cant comprehend shit doest mean ya go and razz other people! Also if we wanna support out friend that doesnt mean ya give us a negative review saying fuck you for making me seem like a dumbass! WELL YOU ARE! get over it find a life! Or maybe post some writing of your own, I'd love to see something ORIGINAL come from your mind!


Catch ya later!
9/16/2011 c2 3Starzinmieyez
Haha! Jack Daniels, and a hybrid mandrill XD I like the humor in this ;))
9/16/2011 c2 5
Sorry for being a whiny bitch and a sack of shit. I opologize to jonny2b and kopa98. Im gonna soit myself in the leg.
9/16/2011 c2 5
5 here...uh... agian

I am alone in the universe and cant do much thinking. salp my face slap my face. why did the car stop shity looking car stop at the blinking light by the smelly subway. uh I just shit my pants. you want to smell. sorry jonny2b kopa98 brasta septum i have no idea what came over me and I shall apolgys slaps his face salps his face. I dont anow why I do that shit have you seen my subway ticket. help I am standed at times scare and I lost my teddy. waaaaahhaaaa hey can you spare some change. sorry I dont know why i did that slaps face salps face. uh.. i lost my energy. if you obay me I all give apple pie and ice cream. I like debetus. dont have a good day. hem I shited again slap in face slap in face. I'll get you help there chasing me. click
9/16/2011 c2 Brasta Septim
My dear 5, could you please actually make a tiny bit of sense when you review? Really, all you're doing is annoying the hell out of Johnn'y's readers. And what if he needs help with jokes? How would you even know that? It doesn't take a person with an above-average intelligence-quotient to realize that you are just mocking him because your own writing skills are distinctly maladroit, condemned by the fallacieso f human imagination, and utterly abysmal down to the very core. Now, could you understand a word I just said? Not likely, no. So, I leave you; Adieu!

Brasta Septim, out!
9/16/2011 c2 5
clap of the hands you made laugh a little. maby you'll learn. I know you needed help on the joke.


only cause you couldnt og thought of this alone. becuse well you asked for it.

hey everone jonny tried to sleep with cocunut coral but faild so she kicked hom out. I told you Id review somthing imbarising. lets before anybody eles says anything I cna revil somthing like oh idont know kopa98 spends time sinigning in public but cant score anyone cause he looose mony.
9/15/2011 c2 DJ

I fell On the floor laughing.

That was the best drunk Sarafina so far.

Nala, that's no way to talk to your mother! Y-You're *hiccup* grounded..." Can't stop.

keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep foing. wheredoyou get teesejokes
9/15/2011 c2 5SHReid
Great chapter man! Interesting to see kopas adventure in brooklyn. Strike aint bein to kind though.
9/15/2011 c1 5193
Pretty good, I really like this chapter. Although one silly question, why are the chapters so narrow?
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