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for My Lion King III Simbas pride and the next gen

2/19/2012 c17 Kvin125
oh snap! crap is about to go DOWN! can't wait until the next chapter!

2/19/2012 c17 178Lavenderpaw
hahaha cool congratulations, this story has fallen into utter lunacy. -_-
2/19/2012 c17 60Villains' Bad Girl
lol how is Kopa showing the lions how to play Blackjack if they don't have any cards. if they do, where did they come from?

lol Brett's funny with the camera
2/19/2012 c16 disappointed 2012
I like how Kiara and Simba delt with the monkeys. Please update soon!
2/7/2012 c16 2Kopa90
Good chapter,I like how Simba and Kiara dealt with the argument between the chimps good job
2/7/2012 c15 72Vitani825
I found this chapter great. When I put a review for the 16th chapter of this story, I meant to put that I'll be waiting to read chapter 17. My bad.
2/7/2012 c16 Vitani825
I liked this chapter. It was worth the wait. When do you think you'll have Kiara and Kovu get married? I'm just curious about it. How many more chapters is this story going to have? Keep up the great work. I'll be waiting to read chapter 16.
2/7/2012 c16 178Lavenderpaw
my opinion is that for including yourself in a story, you sure do get enough reviews.
2/7/2012 c16 2Simba's Hommie
Funny chapter. I have a feeling that those poachers and hyenas are gonna get what's comin to em lol.
2/7/2012 c16 64BroadwayFanGirl91
Pesky poachers! Get out of here! Grrrr... *takes out my bazooka* Get on out of here, get get get...

*5 minutes later*

Sorry about that... it won't happen again I hope... :/

Update soon!
2/7/2012 c16 60Villains' Bad Girl
can Jonny really afford all that?
2/7/2012 c16 1Fewtch
Hyenas dealing with humans? Dirty tactics. :P
2/7/2012 c16 DJ
VVery funny cahpter Jhonny. Good job.
2/7/2012 c16 5
You know my name.
2/7/2012 c16 3Starzinmieyez
Nooooo! Not poachers! DX
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