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for My Lion King III Simbas pride and the next gen

1/17/2012 c11 3Starzinmieyez
awesome :)
1/17/2012 c12 Starzinmieyez
*subscribed* :D I liked this chapter :)))) I must say I preferred the film coz they had the ambush/fight scene, and I like action, but this was good too :) I like Vitani :)
1/17/2012 c12 DJ
Jonny your a great writer but i have to be honist.

this chapter could have been done beter. I didt like how the spell was broken.

I think somone should have been killed or something. thats the truth
1/17/2012 c12 5
man vitani should have been a killer. but NOOOOOO you had to make all go soft. balch.
1/16/2012 c12 2Kopa90
This going really well so far good job
1/16/2012 c12 72Vitani825
This chapter was great. The one thing I found that was interesting was giving the characters middle names and last names. I need ideas for middle names and last names.
1/16/2012 c12 BroadwayFanGirl91
Cool... The ending seemed a little rushed but it's getting better and better. I guess Vitani has mixed temperaments or something.

:) yay thanks for updating.
1/16/2012 c12 60Villains' Bad Girl
ohh the suspense! great chapter!
1/8/2012 c10 8Nala-Nay
Yay! Kopa's going back home!...hopefully this time :).

And Mheetu has a cub now! The pride just got a lot bigger :)
1/8/2012 c11 Nala-Nay
Hmm, and jsut what is Vitani up to? Ooo, the suspense!

Bad Sarafina! lmao!
1/7/2012 c11 1MarinaBek
LOL, drunk Sarafina. that never gets old.

Awww, Vitani and Tojo were cute :) I'm glad their all together again.

I love how Mufasa appears out of the sky like a genie. lol, idk why but that part just made me laugh a little.

can't wait til your next chapter!
1/7/2012 c10 MarinaBek
This was all very interesting.

Just make sure you use quotations when a character is speaking, otherwise it may get a little confusing :) other than that, good job.

now onto the next chapter!

That's cool that Simba accepts Kovu in your story, it's different.
1/6/2012 c11 5193
Im actually undecided about your story. It has a good story line but could use some polishing. Please stop messaging me. Its getting VERY annoying.
1/6/2012 c11 1Fewtch
This is CNN? Lolwat. : /
1/6/2012 c11 DJ
HA HA HA HA HA CNN then you have Nalas drunk mom. LOL

Good job Johnny
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