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for Faith's Immunity

1/1/2017 c1 1gabelou1991
7/8/2013 c1 13creativesm75
interesting. nice
5/6/2013 c1 8Skylar Datenshi
Lol, well that's an interesting situation Faith found herself in. Surprised no heads got busted.
11/10/2011 c1 veronika
loved this, please continue
11/3/2011 c1 178Susan M. M
Good sequel to your "Recruiting Dr. Reid." Nicely in character, especially Garcia. "Goddess of Knowledge, awaiting your prayers." I'm curious about two things, though. How did Giles manage to get diplomatic immunity for Faith and some of the others? Someone at Whitehall must have owed him a BIG favor. And how did Spencer manage to explain things to his team mates without sounding as if he's as crazy as his mother.

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