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for I Loved Him Too

11/21/2014 c1 msmargo
That was sad. Who ever feels sorry for Tanya? You succeeded at that!
9/23/2014 c1 Guest
bittersweet. a bit confusing, though, because most of the time "you" means Bella and "he" or "him" means Edward. Sometimes, though, it changes and you refer to Edward as "you."
9/14/2013 c1 kiwisrock
That was awesome!
But totally heartbreaking...thanks!
9/7/2013 c1 32RobstenLover93
I read this...and i loved how you made it, good one-shot :)
6/21/2013 c1 15Chloe Masen
'Too', sweetie. And fixing all of the 'to's would make the world of difference. And bold your chapters to make them stand out, since you've lumped them all together.

Like the original idea. :)
6/20/2013 c1 1Xthereal-meX
im only reading this in 2013, but can i just sayi love it.
ifs heartbreaking to read from Tanya's POV, but it really puts things into perspective.
it was like reading a poem, the way it was set out.

5/19/2013 c1 MsTorres
Unbelievably awesome o/s despite it being rather depressing for Tanya from her POV. Thank you for sharing.

Ms Torres
1/16/2013 c1 1pauleen
That was so sad. To love him while he spilled his life about his live to another. I do hope in fanfic land she gets her happily ever after... Even if it's tanya.

I enjoyed this. :)
12/26/2012 c1 3MinaBR
That's so sad... Whenever we read a love story we tend to forget the ones who love but are not loved in return, thanks for reminding us.
8/5/2012 c1 11savannavansmutsmut
awesome point of view, very original. You should edit it again to make it easier to read. It really deserves more attention. Excellent work.
8/2/2012 c1 Guiltypleasure30plus
Really, really good!
8/1/2012 c1 2katiecullen198
great story i just keep reading it
7/28/2012 c1 Guest
So heartbreaking!
7/16/2012 c1 4snoopylover60
4/22/2012 c1 2EnchantedRosalie
I really loved this. I can relate to it. I've loved my bestfriend, Aaron, since 2nd grade when he moved nextdoor. I'm 19 now and I still love him. Last year he went to Florida and met a girl, Katie, long blonde hair and bright blue eyes with beautiful curves. I want to hate her so bad, but I can't... She's so nice and sweet. Like a perfect Angel. Nothing like me with my wavy auburn/brown hair and Brown eyes. She's everything he wants and that I'm not. Anyway I just want to thank you. This had me in tears because I relate to it. Thank you...

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