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2/15/2021 c14 Captain-KiIIy
Good story but I felt like the ending was a bit of a let down. I would have liked to see the dialogue/ discussion between AmandaSerek that lead to their resolution instead of just glossing over it.
11/20/2020 c14 4SnowflakesandMozart
I read this yesterday, but I wanted to let it settle a bit before I reviewed. First of all, you write so well. The prose is clear and smooth, yet you don't spell out every last detail. I'm also impressed by the way you balance that clarity with tastefulness; despite the subject matter, nothing in the story is tittilating or provocative. Instead, you give us a psychological portrait of Amanda that creates real sympathy for her situation, as well as understanding of (if not agreement with) her choices about how to face the realities of her marriage. The details of Vulcan society you incorporated were perfectly chosen to craft a three-dimensional world, one with irregularities and oddities that made it feel real. I'm awed by the sophisticated result.
6/10/2019 c14 DefenestratedCountess
Beautiful story! I couldn’t put it down!
11/13/2012 c6 5Scarlett Princess
Wow, this chapter makes both Sarek and his mother sound like grade-A holes.
10/15/2011 c14 39Clever Lass
This was a lovely story, that kept my interest from start to finish.

There were many details that were unclear, however. And the final chapter seemed exceedingly rushed, after the careful unfolding of all the previous ones.

Final chapter aside, I did very much enjoy your characterization of Amanda and the whole mystery of the rumarie. Her step by step tracking down the solution to here mystery was reminiscent of a good detective novel, only without the murder (which I liked about this story).
9/28/2011 c14 sharna
fantastic enjoyed it
9/27/2011 c14 aurado
The last line of the epilogue is very interesting ..:).

It is my hope that you continue to write about Sarek and Amanda.

See you soon.
9/26/2011 c13 aurado
I like your OC, T'Plana. The quality of a fanfiction writer shows also in the construction of coherent, credible, original characters.

I'm pleased it wasn't Sonak waiting for Amanda in the cave after all. I'm afraid he is a little bit of a maniac.

Shall we expect a confrontation between him and Sarek?

Thanks for this revealing chapter.
9/26/2011 c13 Ann
Darn, wrong again, so it wasn't Skon in the library! Still, I take illogical human pleasure in knowing I was just a teeny bit right earlier! :)
9/25/2011 c12 Andrea
more please, I am enjoying the story and quite intrigued with the fruit
9/25/2011 c12 Ann
Looks like Amanda is doing some growing up - maturing from a besotted girl into someonw who is mentally stronger and more of a match for Sarek and those other smug Vulcans. I still haven't guessed the "big secret" though! Love it! Yes, I think it's Skon as well in the library. :)
9/25/2011 c12 1aurado
The characters, the plot, the historical references, all is very well built and written. Congratulations. I imagine it is Sonak lurking in the cave...
9/25/2011 c10 aurado
Wow, the secret library reminds me of "The name of the rose". Have you ever read it?

The story gets interesting and interesting.

I like Skon's protectiveness towards Amanda, although I understand that it might have become too intruding with time.
9/25/2011 c6 purplefrostlover
Omg I knw what it is...but keeping my mouth shut
9/25/2011 c12 purplefrostlover
Ohhhhh...this is getting good. That was funny how sarek was made at her. I wonder who or what scared amanda at the end of the chapter.
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