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11/7/2012 c1 SamWinchesterfangirl
Paranoid Dean was admittidly kinda funny even in the show but the differwnce for me was basically damnit Sam is his brother and we always see the hunt and sometimes in the next episode see the resulting injury( Sam/ Jared when he broke his wrist in real life) but we never get to see them actually deal with the injuries really like what happened after Sam got his arms slashed open by the ghouls in season 4 ( maybe 5) episode 19 Jump the Shark?
10/21/2011 c1 38sidjack
I really loved Ghost sickness story, it was the best and so cute and I really love quietly freaking out Dean, he's adorable when you write him.

10/11/2011 c2 15Liafrombrazil
Late review. Pomba! :) I love all the swollen knees, throbbing hips, weak-shaky legs, dry mouths and close perspectives induced by fever and confusion. And touches and friendly gargoyle Sam (I loved it)kissing his forehead to feel the temperature, but also, of course, to be that close and provide comfort and reassure him that Dean doesn't have to be sorry for getting fragile and that Sam's there all for him. I really loved how all the time it was like only them both or Dean waiting for Sam on the Earth. Like there were no more people and they were really close. Then in the end it WAS only them in the safe cave that will keep Dean feeling all better until they find how to stop it. I know they'll be good, they have tissues, soup, bananas and hugs. More great images to fantasy about. Thank you!
9/18/2011 c1 Liafrombrazil
Fever meme! I love you took all those prompts. So many good prompts, so many good ideas, not enough time, uh? The slashytimes make me happy. I couldn't help it and compared the gen ones to the slashy ones and I love this version of "fever in the aisle" as much as the supermarket one. Dean sounds so happy and turned on and amazed by the little details in a simple shovel, and then all excited about Sam. That was so sweet.

Maybe Push/Pull is my favorite. Many things to love and they are talking openly about their feelings and I totally love when they talk like that. And Dean trusting Sam , admiting he's sick and all and Sam helping with the shaving and tracing lines in Dean's arm and sneezes/Kleenex/bed and Sam doing things and Dean letting him do things and...gah! So mnay things to love.

I really like how Baking is a three-minute scene in daily life (with fever!)and is like condensed hotness/sweetness with parts of "Sam noses into his burning forehead and gives it a proud kiss, runs his thumbs over Dean's ears." Yay for proud kisses on feverish foreheads.

I love (like...love) the descriptions in Blinded by the Light, the colors and sounds that take shapes in Dean's dream. I admire the person that thought of that prompt; it's such a great prompt! Castiel's real appearence and Dean's the only one who is able to see him. I love he was the only one. It's like when you're looking at the window and see a butterfly on a three and the colors are perfect and the butterfly is in an unique position and you know you're the only person

that's seeing that in the whole world. But that was better because Dean's sick and Sam is there and knows he's having the experience and is taking care of him. You know that part where "Sam strokes over Dean's brow, spreading Dean's own sweat across skin. It catches the breeze from Sam's arm, feels cool and good."? OMG, that was perfect and such a fantasy feeder.

Double Sick. Yellow Fever is not my favorite episode, but it had many good promises. I like your ghost-sickness story so much better with the bruises (hurt ribs!) and Sam realizing Dean wasn't feeling good and trying to take care of him and Dean all hypochondriac. And relieved!Sam because Dean didn't do anything stupid while he was out was kind of touching and warm and made me happy.

Have I told you that I love your word choices? I do, and your ideas and style and good taste on prompts. Thanks for the feeding.
9/14/2011 c1 116LaedieDuske
Mmmmm belly palming. (Yeah you didn't see THAT one coming. LOL) And the pale, trembly, wobbly Dean. Oh yummy. Poor, sick boy. If Sam needs some respite... *grin*

Delicious offerings as always!
9/14/2011 c1 365SupernaturallyEgocentric
Very good. I like this a lot.

I especially like the line about Dean's mom. Beautiful.

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