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for Jason's Flashback

7/2/2014 c1 AccountKiller63746
She is a daughter of Bellona, not Hectate
3/21/2013 c1 3omega2199
Good read, tho it was Atlas who hold the sky
2/11/2012 c1 Kilana89
I guess you hadn't read SoN yet so Reyna is a daughter of Bellona Roman goddess of war. And, Jason faught Krios Titan of Constilations as you said BUT ATLAS HOLDS THE SKY NOT KRIOS. sry bout the rant.

PS Not a flame just a reminder, I got kinda carried away with the caps lock button *grins sheepishly*
10/31/2011 c1 jackson33pjo
I love this idea! Great job! The only problem I can spot is that Krios didn't hold the sky. That was Atlas. You presented this idea nicely, telling both halves of the story in a way that made sense and didn't cause headaches when I read it. It was easy to understand. Keep writing!
10/4/2011 c1 1y2051
Everyone seems to think she is a daughter of Mars :P

My money is on Ceres XD
9/14/2011 c1 4electricheartswillplay
This is really good but there a couple things I noticed. First of all, it's short, but that doesn't matter so much because it got right to the point. I like how the line breaks go back and forth from Jason's flashback to Camp Half Blood.

Clarisse is very in character but I think that if someone mentioned Silena so casually like that, then she might get a little mad.

Things I love: that there's a flashback in the middle of a flashback :) in the last paragraph. And how there is still sort of a little romance shown between Reyna and Jason no matter how short this was.

Oh and yeah I did see the profiles for the characters. I really didn't think a harpy (the one that was revealed yesterday) would be so important! And I would really like it if Reyna's parent was Hecate, though I saw on a site that most people think it's Thanatos, Greek god of death.

So overall great story and it's less than three weeks away! :D

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