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for Queen of the Savages

9/7/2017 c6 Dirtydeeds39
I really liked what you did here how you did the transition between the 2 characters well done
8/30/2017 c8 Guest
are you going to continue this story?
5/8/2014 c8 2Sea19
This is so beautifully written and you have such a talent for writing! Seriously, GRRM could be proud of this if he came upon it. I feel like this story represents the effects of the war of five kings very well and goes into depth about the different characters similar to the way GRRM does. I would usually do more of a critique but your story is so perfect!
4/7/2013 c8 49starrysky7
I like your story so far. One thing though, you spelt following as fallowing.
5/8/2012 c8 inactiveaccountdeleteplease
Can't wait. Got a bit confused when I read both stories, can't wait until both are finished.
10/8/2011 c3 now.unknown
Wow. Daenerys... what happened to you? You're scary. So who's her husband?

On a side note, cringed when I began reading this chapter's first part, because I had something akin to it in mind for the future of the fan fic I'm working on... *sighs* You beat me to it! LOL.
10/8/2011 c2 now.unknown
This chapter kind of left me somewhat confused. So many new characters to keep track of... and the fact that it happens in the future with Robb and Adriena's relationship already established makes me feel like I missed out on so much.

It's kind of like watching season 3 of a show without having seen the second season. Haha...

Still, intrigued... reading on...
10/8/2011 c1 now.unknown
I have to admit... I opened this story countless times, but I keep on stopping, when I start reading about Illyrio, who is a character I don't really care much for.

But I'm glad I read on this time... this was intense. Wow.
10/2/2011 c6 Lori

you better update soon!
10/2/2011 c6 3Total Targaryen
Interesting...so I'm guessing that the hags are bringing Viserys power. This doesn't look good...
10/2/2011 c5 Total Targaryen
I thought this chapter was nicely written. It's no good now that Arya has been taken captive, though. :/
9/22/2011 c4 Total Targaryen
This seems an interesting chapter, my only criticism is that Andrew doesn't seem like a name a person from Westeros might have. Other than that, I'm interested to see what's going to happen next with all these various point of views you have included.
9/22/2011 c3 Total Targaryen
Poor Daenerys. This chapter does make me feel sorry for her. It seems as though she has only her dragons left in the world, and that no one else truly cares about her. She seems so lonely, poor girl.
9/22/2011 c2 Total Targaryen
I wonder what happened with Adriena's people that led to such hostility between Robb and Lord Frey? I'm guessing that they were killed because she married Robb instead of one of Walder Frey's granddaughters.
9/22/2011 c1 Total Targaryen
I don't understand how no one has reviewed this story yet. That was an incredibly intense prologue, one that leaves me wondering about the circumstances in which Illyrio has come to the cave...but I suppose I shall find out.

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