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for The Question of Fullmetal

12/1/2018 c1 1k+Val-Creative
omg me when I was a kid just doing splits this was hilarious
7/7/2012 c1 4kurosakiLenalee
Hilarious! Loved it.
9/15/2011 c1 28Fluehatraya
Oh my, this was hilarious! Poor Ed, but he should realize that usually only females can do splits. XD

Reading this while sleep-deprived and critically reading thirty pages of my history textbook has made me feel a lot better. Thank you.
9/15/2011 c1 Anonymous
Aww, poor Ed. That's really gotta suck. xD
9/15/2011 c1 6Chipmunkgirl234
Muhhhhaaaaaaa! No Ed's not a girl! In a girl and I can't even dothe splits!

This was hiralious! XD

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