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6/26/2020 c10 Guest
I was happy Rachel was finally getting something but then you killed Charlotte so nope.
4/7/2020 c47 12SammiLoves2Write
This was good!
4/10/2019 c27 Guest
the baby should not have died in my opinion...she was supposed to be a blessing from hell
4/9/2019 c26 Guest
The pain is lasting too long in my opinion...we need to see a recovery where she suddenly becomes happy and everything gets better without it getting worse again because it is starting to become completely unrealistic...
3/11/2018 c1 Alicemayameryxx
If that was her period she would get it a lot worse then mine and mine is evil
11/12/2017 c46 Guest
predictable and amateur no comment senseless fake oc just like the idea of rape Opraccy fic
7/5/2017 c4 Guest
Ok I have to stop here and write something. How can you make Rachel so weak? And why lie to Finn? She is a smart girl and would never keep a secret like rape from anyone. Jesse is bad but you have taken him to a new level of shit.
6/25/2017 c46 SammiLoves2Write
This was sad, but good!
5/16/2016 c18 Guest
OK I hate how people just make her cave in you should have made her stand her ground made her walk away from Finn car before they went in.
12/24/2014 c20 10MyNameIsViolet
oh my gods I loved this story! you did such an amazing job. you've got talent!
12/9/2014 c36 14khazrn43
How do you write him escaping this is ridiculous.
9/27/2014 c19 SineadThePotterhead666
Omg i'm actually bawling! This is amazing so far! Its so emotional and just... BRILLIANT! I cant wait to read more! When Kurt, Tina, Quinn and Mercedes sung Hero to Rachel, I couldn't help but cry. You are so talented, i would never in a million years be able to write a story this emotional and make people cry from reading it (In a good way of course c:) Well done! :D
5/31/2014 c1 GLEELOVER3
Okay, so my friend is in total love with this fanfic and is forcing me to read all 47 chapters! I said "OMG NO WAY!" but after reading your descriptive language and cute Finchel,I may just find myself reading the whole thing! Very nice job!:)
5/31/2014 c35 Gleelover21
That was amazing! Loved it
1/24/2014 c43 31DC-MarvelGirl 1997
Awwe I luv kurt! He's so sweet to finn asking him how he's doing.
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