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6/14/2017 c1 NoAccountLurker
Holy wow, that was really fantastic...
3/4/2015 c1 TinaF
Loved it!
10/20/2013 c1 meelee72
Whoa, that was beautiful. - U are truly gifted, ur words are powerful. - This was endless feeling, every single thing u described, I could feel it.
Pain & loss & sorrow, but the pure joy at the end... Ah, can't quite say what I want to.
I love the way u described what the water is to Bella, what it really is & where it really takes her. So the loss of that was tremendous. Edward, beautiful, as always, brought her back, or helped to.
... The build up- U did an amazing job building up to the story behind the story, & then to Bella's new beginning... & I hope Edward pops in on her again soon.
- & Jake.. My heart is all ripped up for him. I loved the way u described his & Bella's relationship, nothing one-sided, just real & true friendship. I am so sorry for what happened to him. :( ... BUT - I really do believe he will bounce back, even if slowly. & I know Bella will be a big part of that.
Great story! Loved it.
2/1/2013 c1 sparkledamnu
I'm struggling to find the appropriate words for this review! I couldn't sleep and saw an email from Rob Attack - Down Under Part 3. As I moved my cursor through the site, I came upon their rec for your OS. I was pulled in because I love surfer stories. Going Under is so very much more than a "Surfer" story. The tenor from the very beginning spoke volumes of the depth that would be told through your well written words. I am in awe of your brilliance. I wish I had a "next" to click to continue this. I love to follow a story to its conclusion. I simply feel there is much left to be told here! I would love to read it if you ever decide to continue!

Thanks for writing for our fandom. Thank you also for a story that didn't need erotica to complete the fulfillment of it's characters. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Elaine - Sparkle Damnu Phillips on Face Book sparkledamnu on twitter
1/12/2013 c1 Cared Cullen
This is an amazing and beautiful story. A well deserved winner. Thanks!
12/5/2012 c1 k1942
All I can say is, WOW!
11/12/2012 c1 9xoxocullenluverxoxo
Well this was sort of confusing till the cove. I'm glad Edward could help her though.
5/21/2012 c1 Whitbysucks
I. Frigging. Loved. This. Your writing is beatiful and your story...well imma still wiping some tears away. Thanks to Bookish Temptations for sending me your way.
5/21/2012 c1 2Cullenboyz
Goddammit. How do you do that? That was just. GUH! Beautiful. Pretty perfect, other than that awful word, "complete."

Found this on Bookish Temptations. You need more reviews. I shall pimp now. xo, cullenboyz
5/19/2012 c1 5abinar
No, noooo don't say good-bye to Edward! lol He'll come back after he graduates, right? Jake and Bella will do a lot of healing in the meantime. I'm just gonna believe that.

This was rec'd to me by Debb at Bookish Temptations. Really enjoyed it. Thank you!
5/17/2012 c1 deb24601
This was incredible! I was riveted, just pulled through the story. I was trying to balance between reading fast to know everything and reading slow to catch every beautiful detail. Loved the description of the cave. Loved beautiful, wise, caring Edward. Man oh man. I'd like to read more about him. Mmhmm.

Thank you so much for writin this.
5/16/2012 c1 rtpobsessed
You have me crying at work. What a beautiful story, I do wish you would continue. You're writing is exquisite, thank you for sharing.
5/16/2012 c1 fergi81
great story, eloquently told..thx to Jada for the rec
5/16/2012 c1 1IccaSpriggs
This was so incredibly beautiful. I feel so much pain for Bella and what she's had to endure. I'm sad that Edward has to leave, but I'm glad that he was there to help her.

Thanks for sharing.
5/15/2012 c1 jmcfall
That was beautiful thank you .
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