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9/3 c19 Eriktheviking70
A cracking good read, thank you.
7/8/2021 c19 2Digital Dragon Productions
love this story. original was always one of my favorites too
1/10/2021 c10 Kingkong101
I have some of your weed hopefully you have some left after you made this
5/29/2020 c12 1Yiyun345
that's the most confusing fanfic I have ever come across
5/29/2020 c1 Yiyun345
those naruhina are all the same.

Hinata likes Naruto
Naruto likes Sakura
Sakura doesnt like him
Naruto learns Hinata likes him
Naruto decides to love Hinata out of nowhere.
Naruto decides to wipe out the Hyugas
4/17/2019 c19 114dogbertcarroll
I don't know how I keep missing the notifications of your updates. Great chapter looking forward to more.
3/19/2019 c3 Guest
Prophesy - Prophecy
3/7/2019 c2 Kingkong101
Worse than Canon
12/15/2018 c19 6my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
12/10/2018 c19 Loginforgotten
Always nice to see more of this one
12/12/2018 c19 9Sargon Dorsai
Good to see another chapter of this delightful story. A nice little snapshot into what is going and the potential for the future.
12/11/2018 c19 Earthly Entity
Isn't this classified as a Naruto & Cover crossover?
12/10/2018 c10 Armiture
This is some of the best cheating on the chunin exam I've seen, kudos for that!

I kind of hope that the faux Sakura is permanent.
12/10/2018 c8 Armiture
I found the Love Hina and Lovecraft refs funny. Feel free to do the Pepe Le Pew bit as an omake.
12/10/2018 c19 21Joe Fenton
Time skip! Hope this Naruto had better training than canon. Canon Naruto learned virtually nothing over the time skip.
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