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9/27 c1 Melinda Kelly
Just read this again. Its such a great story!
6/16 c36 Nelli Natisha
This had me laughing and crying. You did WELL, with the writing. Great job
6/16 c35 Nelli Natisha
"Because Im the chosen one" Im cackling
6/16 c35 Nelli Natisha
His way of phrasing adoption as a potential thing for them has me cackling. But at the same token that IS what adoption is. buying kids. Im cackling
6/14 c34 Nelli Natisha
Im reading this while on a bus and I am CACKLING. I wont spoil by saying the scene. I will say that Im not even halfway down the chappie so the Author will KNOW what Im cackling at.
6/14 c29 Nelli Natisha
Harry being all "If i cant remember, I can be honest" Rings true. I can see it
6/14 c27 Nelli Natisha
Conversations with kids are hilarious. I love that
6/14 c26 Nelli Natisha
Aww... I love that the Grangers were not only loved but also loved Harry. Harry was practically adopted by each family that he befriended. Theyd be honorary grandparents to James and Albus
6/13 c22 Nelli Natisha
If Lav really is pregnant with Rons baby, she is gonna HATE Pansy... This will be an interesting dynamic, i must admit
6/11 c17 Nelli Natisha
Purebloods being fascinated about muggle items like a cup sleeve for example just always has me like "Awwwwww". Its so adorable
6/10 c14 Nelli Natisha
I said before that it was paterna Granger side. I read later, it was Mama Granger and her side and whatever the respective maiden names were. Everything else I said still stands tho
6/10 c12 Nelli Natisha
Whoa... So Paternal Granger carried the magic trait... I BEEN said that Muggleborns usually are just magic carriers that came from a line of mixed muggles and squibs. Im sure theres a few people here and there where there was no magic in the line at all but it just wouldnt make sense for there not to be mostly squibs integrating and the magic trait coming back out dominantly a few generations later. i mean the squibs were mostly cast out. It makes sense. I bet maternal Granger also has squib lineage but maybe, maybe not. Magic would be like energy. Cant destroy it. It simply exists. So yes Muggleborns do exist but i believe most of them to just be squib born rather then muggleborn
6/10 c11 Nelli Natisha
That comment I read earlier wasnt kidding. If the story ended here, I honestly wouldnt have been mad. Its beautiful.
6/10 c7 Nelli Natisha
Anyone else wanna castrate Ron? Thats a HORRIBLE first time and horrible lover... I hope for the sake of his escapades he got better. smfh
6/9 c3 Nelli Natisha
That chappie ending... I am CHEESING right now
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