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for Last of the Human Sacrifice

9/10/2022 c6 darkNarutoo
u bastard ...update it already...ahhhh please man its so good
6/19/2022 c6 Thetrue13
hello friend, I'm wondering if you intend to continue this story, I read the 6 chapters and it really hooked me.
I was anxious to know whether or not there will be a sequel, or if I can stop thinking about it hahahahaha.
If you can clear this doubt I would be grateful.
3/20/2022 c2 darkNarutoo
man u really had to didn't you
for fucks sake he lost everything and you still make him sometimes a goofy kid
1/16/2022 c6 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 7.
1/11/2022 c6 Guest
Plzzzz continue this story Ik it’s been a while but this is a masterpiece
2/6/2020 c6 80YeagerMeister31
Another awesome chapter shame it's not been updated for ages
2/5/2020 c5 YeagerMeister31
Well, this was interesting I know there's only one more chapter left which is a shame because this story is awesome and I can't wait to read it and hopefully one day this story will be updated.
2/4/2020 c4 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was pretty badass lol I wonder when Naruto will tell Yoruichi and Retsu of his past or will Yamamoto inform them
2/4/2020 c3 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was rather interesting can't wait for more
2/4/2020 c2 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was interesting, kinda sad though for Naruto all his friends didn't come to the soul society not sure why but oh well. Wonder what happens when they find out the truth about Naruto.
2/3/2020 c1 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was pretty cool another crossover huh nice can't wait for more.
11/2/2019 c6 15The Storm Master 567
I stumbled upon this story after so long. I remember loving it and I still do. I truly hope that this might come back as you left it at a serious cliffhanger. Naruto being sent to the land of the Hollows to survive and make allies for who knows how long. Most likely till Aizen goes there to recruit some of the Espada.
8/12/2019 c3 Guest
Honestly the grading thing and test didnt make sense. I know it naruto would have an advantage in manipulating reiatsu but its just weird that thry would test him on those when he first arrived. Its like taking a graded test the first day of class with the bare minimum of knowledge
8/10/2019 c6 Visual Bliss
I knew that whatever naruto did wouldn't matter I hate it when I'm right fanfics with naruto as a shinigami always have him lose lose lose never any wins well if their are any wins the author makes sure they don't matte L
8/10/2019 c1 Visual Bliss
I like the plot you got going kinda? Maybe? Buuuuuut I have this feeling you are just going to make naruto lose lose lose lose lose lose lose and any time he does win won't even matter
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