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6/23/2012 c2 Shay58
Please write another with Emily and her BAU family.
9/22/2011 c2 2Nightlancer600
That's mean! No sequels? But it's a cute two-shot story. I liked it very much. You did a good job with it all. I guess we'll find out more about Emily being in hiding as the season goes on, so maybe you're write a sequel then?
9/21/2011 c2 18nikonic
great story!

very well written and true to character
9/21/2011 c2 117SilverTurtle
Oh, this was wonderful. I loved JJ staying with Emily that first night and Henry's joy at seeing her again. This addition with the Ambassador hit just the right note. I think you handled JJ's POV rather well. Her determination to look the Ambassador in the eyes while delivering her news felt so perfectly JJ to me. Emily's disbelief that anyone would have missed her or been happy to see her again was a little heartbreaking but felt totally in keeping with her being a tad awkward with people she cares about. And the hesitant way she approached her mother was just right. I'll have to remember to thank lysachan for convincing you to do this addition, it was lovely. I'm so glad you posted it before the season premiere, it's gotten me totally jazzed to see what happens.

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