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6/16 c19 1Mojito Mussolini
Holy shit! This is one of the best stories I have ever read. Period. I know it has been a long long time but I hope this story is continued.
6/4 c2 PrettyFlackoPink
Bayard is such a stupid sounding name (no offense to all the bayards) but it really doesnt sound cool for fanfiction xD
6/3 c5 LordMirror
It's quite sad that Harry suddenly on emotional breaking point from just one meeting with his parents. I hoped he will be emotionless to them as well...
5/11 c3 1Dr Gero
Decent start, I'm enjoying it so far. I'm really curious how Harry became who he is. Also I was pleasantly surprised at the sympathetic Albus; usually authors have him behind it all as the puppeteer.
Putting aside Harry's lack of.. professionalism I guess at escalating the issue with Montague to violence and risking his charge, didn't Madame Maxime already give him an out from the whole "students may not raise their wands against students" issue? She had literally just expelled Montague after all so he wasn't a student (in name if not paperwork).
Looking forward to seeing how things unfold!
4/28 c19 2slocuautla
Given the age of this story, I have little hope that this will be continued. Still, a great tale.
4/22 c19 Hank1967
Enjoying the story. Any chance of an update?
4/20 c1 tiffany.lim122
n 'h,the best stories are often left unfinished
4/11 c19 jwbones2000
I really liked the dragon fight scene, wish this story was still ongoing. Great story!
4/1 c19 8misa-chan46
It’s been 9 years since I first read this. I haven’t forgotten it, and I won’t stop begging you to continue this. People still read this, and it is a marvelous story. I saw that you updated another HP fic in 2019.

Please, continue and finish thisI beg you again
3/18 c6 7AstoriaPheonix
3/18 c5 AstoriaPheonix
ooooooooooooooooooooooooh this is cool.
3/18 c4 AstoriaPheonix
I love the characterization in this chapter, wonderful.
3/13 c19 1Re-ghal
Nice! Thanks.
3/9 c19 leeuw120
a good day too you Sir

A very good and interesting story
I would love it if you would consider to finish it

with regards leo verberne
1/29 c19 lordpurgatory23
i love this story.
harry is so perfect, the way he acts is so meaningful. the bashing isnt bad for once and this kind of dumbledore is so fresh in a was of garbage dumbledore bashing.

this is just a great story, good job
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