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7/25 c12 ArchmagePeverell
the name is supposed to be written by the champion, this doesn't make sense, he will be writing bayard in his assignments.
no one knows about him, the name should be adam potter, PLOT HOLE
7/21 c19 Awsomeness7
Peculiar route of interaction with the dragon. Feels OOC. Too much like a child. I’d think a dragon is brilliantly powerful and useful
7/13 c19 jaqmaq77
I almost didn't read after I noticed two things
8 stories written - none finished?
Been ten years since last update?
It's a really great story, but a pity it's just dead...
I was so looking forward to - Harry, in the graveyard, with the steel wand
Anyone else with a Clue?
I've Fav and followed... just in case...
7/4 c17 Guest
ignore grimmich, he is an idiot. we have taught him to review wrong, as a joke
7/4 c17 2grimmich
Typed as I read:
Is Harry seriously already forgiving them just because they worked on a banner and are there to /cheer/ for him? What the fuck are they even doing in the tent? Remember the wand weighing when he tried to have Lily removed? But he just lets them in now? Their presence will only distract him before he is supposed to face a dragon! Seems like a dumb fucking idea to me. They are wholly selfish with their continued dogging of him.

HOW THE FUCK CAN SHE BE SO FUCKING STUPID! Her insistence that she stay instead of RUNNING LIKE SHE WAS TOLD limited Harry's ability to protect himself because he had to stay still to protect her dumb ass (not being able to maneuver and dodge as is his preferred tactic) and if she would have succeeded in pulling him away when the dragon handlers got closer then it would have meant EVERYONE'S death because he would have lost his grip on the dragon's mind! STIPID SELFISH FUCKING DIPSHIT! If he doesn't rip her a new asshole over this...

The conversation between Harry and Hate: he can't control one of his forms?! What about the whole indominable will thing? You can't say he has indominable will then break or subvert his will so easily. For his animingus form it would just be a matter of imposing his will over his form, which should have been elementary for him! And what was that conversation about "a single girl", "since I like her" bullshit?! The answer should have been "since I became her body guard" - remember the whole conversation with her father when he told him that he would die for her as a part of his JOB!

Then you add in James' attempt of a foolish stunt, which would have only distracted Harry further, I know that was not his intention but it is what it would have accomplished. And what happened to Harry's indominable will? Why is he doubting his will NOW? What is with the pity party? It seems to be against everything that we knew about him before now. All in order to have /love/ (spat in contempt) save the day. It's bullshit. Hate and love are two sides of the same coin, equally powerful. If his hate was not enough then his /love/ would not have been enough.

In conclusion you could have kept it an intense fight with Harry bleeding from every facial opening and winning without the self pity bullshit and the winning because he is fighting for someone else bullshit. It really just kind of killed it for me. And don't bring up animingus forms if you have no intention of him ever using them, its a waste.
7/3 c12 grimmich
I don't recall any rule that he had to read the actual name on the paper, he could have just called out his Alias.
7/3 c6 grimmich
Harry is clearly advanced in magic/schooling and was specifically hired to protect Fleur... so why are they in different year levels? That is a lot of time unguarded.
6/21 c14 3RyanMK666
This review is more of a reply to the review below me.
Harry gains nothing from that alliance with heiress daphne greengrass? From a heiress of 1 of the remaining sacred 28 families? She is single handedly the most influential heiress at Hogwarts you nitwit. Harry gains A LOT, especially when the greengrass family are the heads of the neutral party in the government.
Gotta know your potter lore before making dumb comments my friend.
6/17 c14 TBWL713
So Daphne offers an alliance to Harry (An alliance by definition is mutually beneficial) yet asks for a favour in return? What is Harry? Powerful, dangerous, someone that everyone fears. What is Daphne? A little girl pretending to be the Ice Queen of Hogwarts. How exactly is this a fair deal? Daphne gains far more from aligning herself with Harry yet she still asks (and gets) a favour from Harry.

I'm guessing you needed Harry to owe Daphne a favour but knew that there was nothing Daphne could do for (or offer to) Harry to gain the favour. So you have Harry accept an offer where he gains nothing but gives everything.
6/17 c7 TBWL713
All the reviews seem to centre around Harry not killing women. I seem to be the only one wondering why tf Harry just lets the bounty hunters walk across the Great Hall and touch his client? Some shit protector. I understand that you wanted Fleur to be taken but you really had to have it happen while Harry just standing there, watching with a slight smile on his face? Fleur was groped and near gang-raped because Harry is a fucking retard.
5/22 c12 AurelionNoir
Sigh, the premise was great only to be thwarted with some "weeb" thing. I have nothing against Japanese anime mind you, I just don't like how they're "forced" into this world and... Idk, most of the HP fics I've read that has an author put in their weeb shenanigans (i.e, worshipping katanas, putting forced acronyms to Japanese characters such as Alice-chan with Harry speaking it lmao) it just felt so forced.

Sigh... I mean, sigh. I knew things are already bad when he has a damn knight borne out of his hatred LOL. Anyways, the angst meter is just through the roof and just became cringey at this point. Dropped, sadly. Just not for me.
5/12 c19 TheArcaneToaster
Why didn't Harry just ask Fleur to teach him how to dance? Or anyone from the Beaubatons contingent/ Ravenclaw? Or even Daphne? Surely someone at hand would be able to help him, even if he wanted to learn in secret (even though he doesn't seem as one to be ashamed by the lack of skill).

Love the story. I sincerely hope you haven't abandoned it.
5/11 c17 TheArcaneToaster
I've read great stories/books/FFs before, but... Wow... This is epic...! I cant't even put it into words... Simply, WOW.
5/3 c1 Bostonette
Some of the worst character interactions I’ve ever read from Harry’s side of things. Allows emotions to get the best of him when faced with neglectful parents, let’s himself become vulnerable for no reason other than plot line, and absolutely no domineering or threatening acts or statements to fleur. Pathetic. Learn to write a better Harry
5/2 c19 RememberMe27
This is a story I avoided reading for so long because it was abandoned and yet it’s name kept popping up whenever anyone asked for a good recommendation. It must be worth reading. So finally I caved knowing it wasn’t complete. I’m glad I did.
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