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for Sword and Shield: The Sum of Their Parts

11/27/2016 c9 sympatheticassassin
Aww...That is a shame. There aren't enough good HunterXHunter crossover fics out there.
12/15/2015 c8 10Samjok-o
OMG continue plz!
12/26/2014 c8 2StazEmpress
... dang author-san! It's a really good story! I-I mean, about sasuke, He's not being OOC or being to...emo.. sasuke is being...sasuke? I dunno, it's weird.. a good kind of weird.. and it's not like the other stories who sasuke is an emotionless teme or or a story where sasuke fell in a very fast pace with the OC.. and and about kurapika... is being kurapika! -v .. I'm still a bit confuse though, about his gender.. I know he's a male but.. the explanation makes my brain fried.. haha over all! I loved it! :D Please update the next chapter whenever you have time! ;)
11/7/2013 c8 Time and Soul
This is really good you should continue
6/21/2013 c8 1wilkiswilk
I'm not really fond with the idea of Kurapika being a girl, but this really is an excellent crossover! Probably the best Hunter x Hunter crossover I've found.

Both Kurapika and Sasuke are very much in character, and I can't wait to see what else you have planned! Please keep writing.
6/19/2012 c7 4Superpower Lottery
This is simply amazing. Best crossover ever. I don't even like the idea of Kurapika being a girl, but it's still amazing.

6/7/2012 c7 KKing453
Wow i forgot how heavy the door in kilua's house...
2/5/2012 c5 22azab
i loved it a lot and i think this story is very nice
1/4/2012 c6 9RhiannonWolf
This is a very interesting story. I don't really know much about Naruto, but I really like this. Please update soon, okay? I'll be waiting anxiously for the next chapter! :3

11/19/2011 c5 Guest
Nice story hoping for more!
11/10/2011 c3 PrinceKurapika
update hehehe
11/1/2011 c4 Sasuke Hater
Do us all a favor,check yourself into a mental hospital! We don't need another Sasuke loving scum!
10/17/2011 c4 2JusticeFreedom
thank u for updating please update the next chapter soon

also can u please make the next chapter longer i want to see what happen with kurapika in the next chapter will the power finally be revel and will he explain more about his clan and the scarlet eyes
10/10/2011 c3 JusticeFreedom
can't wait for the nexts chapter

will the Akatsuki be involve and will sasuke learn about nen

pleases update soon
10/10/2011 c2 JusticeFreedom
who is the person that want's kurapika
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