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9/30/2020 c6 Guest
Pls do another
5/28/2020 c5 Guest
I was hoping that youd have them catch eachother since it all started with spying on ichigo and again the personalities were spot on and even the way they'd be in bed I dated a girl dark hair half shave bustier that was a speak her mind type and open to anything I got her into anime in one try but we had too much in common did everything together the the sex got vanilla but the timid virgin with a fair 7 year age gap beyond shy very thin long legs A cups and the definition of a BUBBLE BUTT and both were perky and she wanted sex all the time and she was 17 when we started dating I was 24 which is the age in my state for consent plus was mature was put up a grade very smart went to highschool for half her subjects in 8th and skipped 5th so having a full semester of credits when starting and finishing a semester early on top only went to highschool for 3 Years and her mom killed by her dad had a sister as a guardian and was emancipated but I met her as employees at walmart one of my best friends jessica was setting us up when she was 16 and I was like that's a bit young but she got the job I didn't know who she was but she talked to me all the time and asked her out and jessica was like you came to you're senses I'm like huh? You asked erica out and shes been crushing on you hard I was like damn what did I do toure supposed to be 18 to work departments but emancipated a month from 17 I said I dont hook up right away if a girl is girlfriend material I like to wait about a month so i said when toure 17 cuz she was asking i caved a week early and she was a freak the first movie night we watched her favorite movie 50 shades the next 3 years we lived together and neither one of us walked right we rolled over the balcony tail once and broke our right ankle foot shin and her right forearm both my wrists forearms ulna pinkie side and my right upper arm also because I protected her head and neck since it was the 3rd floor appartment oh and a few ribs so ppl had questions at work. also got caught I know we were in near departments but we were sent to stack mattresses and bring in the pallet in from the locked shed lol
5/28/2020 c3 Guest
I was thinking itd be a fan made manga but the writing was well enough to hook me the sibling rivalry was executed perfectly as the character personalities were on point not just ridiculous hentai like mewtwo putting his tail up Misty's ass so hard it pops out her mouth to enter serena who was grinding her face while she jerks off pikachu uses static to paralyze her simultaneously electrically stimulating every nerve ending in their clits while their moans left an explode ears ringing and you find out ash did it all he did was track down his haunter buddy from lavender town to undo the disable used on an imprisoned serial rapist gengar who belonged to one of the many grown adults to grab and kiss a 10 year old Misty's hand after taking a knee using his gastly to hypnotize women for roofie purposes gastly appropriately nicknamed graspy evolved into humpter/dumpter and when taken into custody by officer Jenny evolved into gangbanger who used CONFUSE ray for memory erasure while her psyduck got a headache trying to beat off in the corner but he had to hold his head now having blue balls and his worst headache of all time he used his most powerful psychic confusion of all time opening a singularity in the form of a supermassive black hole Palkia and Deoxys giganta Max and f*** the black hole as the ruler of space meanwhile Deoxys had the ability synchronize and when he was about to bust Dialga the ruler of time came out do the Team Rocket building something in a day to take them to the black hole the catch three legendaries and Wobbuffet use mirror coat that made synchronize pause the whole universe to orgasm at the same time at which point Dialga froze time permanent orgasm for the Multiverse that is an original piece that I just made up right now but you get my point they're always outrageous or raunchy but this was a cute read it's anime fantasy anyway but like I said the characters were so genuine only thing was Ichigo was a little shy about women not so much when it was just him and the person at that point of the show but again we're not Ash we can't all stay 10 year old virgins for 20 years wynaut let ash bury his diglet in the tight bellossom and explode you know his bulbasaur when he turns on the charmader tight little travel companions shorts and skirts which defy physics unless a frito would cover misty entire ass to clit her shorts are not at long as a pokeball the pockets half way to the bottom and she turns them inside out on multiple occasions to show their empty that she doesn't have money and they themselves are twice the size of them upon putting them back they should overshoot the bottoms to cover more skin than the shorts to begin with same with the back pockets they don't show the typical Stitch denim pants back pocket shaped like home plate but yet they just show a pocket opening and she's pulled out a little mini purse wallet and I don't get it especially forget the bottom of the leg but to speak plainly the top of her hip since their high waisted to begin with her vagina is somewhere above the top button maybe her belly button wasn't that at all and you never see her lower back cuz she's got the drawstring bag that's her butt crack either way I can't wait till I'm such a bad parent that my ten-year-old daughter wear shorts twice that size and she has to go straight to prostitution because even strippers start with more skin-covered than that and sidebar according to the Pokedex Charizard's 5 ft tall that would make ash 3 foot 6 Misty about 3 foot 2 inner legs are that of Taylor Swift if she wore Misty shorts her torso would be split in half to her belly button but anyway with the Mewtwo gang Bang situation I'd be like I hope you had fun Misty I set all this up for you since I never replaced your bike but bonus surprise I got you one good luck riding it after that I dare you to bitching me for a Season of 54 episodes again and who the Hell gaped a hole in a 10 year old big enough to hide that frying pan you smack me with all the time damn tease where do they sell panties that wouldn't pop out the top and bottom of your shorts you don't talk to your dad much do and you also lied about your Gyarados credentials the Pokedex says he's 22 ft long and 300 lb I had a reticulated python 23 ft long that weighed 160 and your Gyarados could eat it in one bite and how does Onix weigh 480 lb when Gollum which is smaller than his head Waze 580 does styrofoam replica of Titanoboa with paint in all weighed 200 pounds I thought the Japanese were good at math anyway what great fanfiction I'm going to read the other three chapters now I love that you made actual intimacy into genre that's typically boobs so big bouncing in such a way that vertebrae would be dislocating I think their cup sizes were a little too much I'm an ass man and like petite builds give me Rukia Wendy Marvell if she were a little older or Levi mcgarden from Fairy Tail thought it was strange that they didn't sexualize characters very much in that show just great writing but when Wendy use the Dragon Force it shows her butt naked just Barbie doll Style nippleless and smooth like a better GI Joe also check out arifuruta commonplace to world's strongest it's recommended under fan service but it's not it's a great action adventure so only got 12 episodes right now
12/28/2019 c6 11Mukuro234
Awesome fic!
9/6/2018 c1 Guest
8/16/2018 c1 Guest
4/10/2018 c6 Zking
Amazing story! Good love story,would like to read more chapters.
11/19/2017 c2 Fanfiction reader
Definitely liked this chapter. I'll spread the news
7/13/2017 c6 Kelio.rover
this is honestly the best porn i have ever looked up and the first one i read as a novel.
3/14/2017 c6 anthonymatsen
Wow I actually enjoyed that you know to be honest I think it was great to have another fanfic in here cuz it's been forever since I've actually been able to read it so keep it up.
1/30/2017 c6 8The Keeper of Worlds
Ah, they pregnant then:-)
1/9/2017 c6 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. Love it so far, keep it up. Can't wait to see what happens next. Too good to end it here. Are the sisters actually pregnant with ichigos kids? And if so will they be carrying twins as well? How and when will they know for certain? And how will everyone react to the news.
12/14/2016 c6 1Tachibana Kabuki
Amazing! You have to keep going!
9/2/2016 c6 Guest
Loved it was the best one yet
8/22/2016 c6 3hevenlydemonknight
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