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10/13/2023 c2 7Blueberrychaos
10/13/2023 c1 Blueberrychaos
Again!? Speechless again!?
9/18/2023 c20 The First Born2009
dude i dont understand whats going on in the story
8/27/2023 c10 ayden762
I've forgotten most of the story and honestly I don't even get the plotline.
7/31/2023 c14 1Raziel71
Confusing af.
12/29/2022 c2 fanficreader100
you write emotional scenes really well and they get me teared up
wish I could learn to write like you someday
12/20/2022 c5 fanfiction100
this is really good writing and stuff but it’s really confusing.
11/21/2022 c23 Guest
i am so confused
11/21/2022 c20 Guest
reading this note made me realize something.
Either you talk like you write, or you write like you talk (that makes no sense I know but I suck at explaining things)
either way this story is great, and I wish I could write emotional scenes as well as you do
BTW I think you would do great writing a book with your own characters and world
11/20/2022 c12 Guest
you have to read son of neptune, just that one its his best book
11/20/2022 c1 Guest
stupid people ask that, bad things happen to everyone, that's life suck it up.
also, this sounds good
10/19/2022 c24 SpartanBoi
This story is so strange to me. This genre of story always has been for me though.

On the surface this story seems to have great writing, like all the stories of this genre. I was really confused and at first I thought I was merely too brain dead to understand, however I eventually came to the realization that it isn’t me.

I won’t lie the plot (from what I could understand of it) is pretty cool. Percy is somehow the same person as a primordial, and it leads to some pretty cool world building. The writing at times can really pull you in and let you feel the weight of everything. That’s about where my compliments end.

The story is a mess. It is EXTREMELY difficult to understand what is going on. Especially as the author will just randomly switch times, dimensions, and perspectives. Honestly just some better organization would help this story immensely. And no, just because the story is complicated, does not mean it is good and everyone that can’t understand are idiots. The timeline of this story switches so much that it reaches the point of poor writing, I constantly struggled to figure out who’s perspective I was seeing from (especially didn’t help with multiple people inhabiting the same body) or even who the antagonists were. It was beyond frustrating when I still don’t even now who the main antagonist is. At first it seemed to be Chaos, then it seemed to be Order, then it seemed to be future Pontus (?), the this Void dude (but we never saw him after he chased Aether and Nyx out of the dimension so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there) then that whole BS at the end of the last chapter with Death and Order confused everything even more.
Another issue is how often the story seems to contradict itself, just how damn slow the story is.

Don’t get me started with the million inconsistencies within the story.

Basically I don’t regret reading the story. It had some cool ideas, but had some poor execution in key areas that just makes it a confusing mess. If you are looking to read it go ahead, don’t let me stop you, but do not read it and feel bad that you are too dumb to understand, it isn’t you.

Also as I’m finishing this I just thought I’d add that it really doesn’t help that it feels like the author changed goals several times throughout the story. Many reviews mention it feeling like it was written by a bunch of different authors. I presume this is because the author wrote it over a long period of time. But yeah, definitely doesn’t help comprehension.
8/8/2022 c4 Guest
This is kinda hard to follow
7/8/2022 c1 kittenloveschristmas
This story is. quite confusing and the first chapter makes no sense Im sure we the readers would appreciate you rating this fanfiction M for certain scenes.
7/4/2022 c1 3Iapetus32
I think that you have a great set up for a good story, you just need to prganize it a little better. Rearrange somethings and get the story goimg in one direction at a time. Make sure the story flows better because right now it is a little hard to keep track of everything. Also try and be a little consistant about how powerful each character is. I mean Nyx should be a really powerful character because she is a primordial. Killing Chaos would most likely end all of creation simce he is CREATION.
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