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8/17 c32 Fan-ish Potato
I think this is one of 5 reviews I have ever written in my 6 years of reading FanFictions and by god is this the most elaborately crafted narrative masterpiece I have ever read on this entire site.

The way you craft the world around this story is nothing short of breathtaking. From the short anecdotes at the start of every chapter to the subtly laid hints from the start of the story until now (currently at chapter 32 right now. Absolutely incredible.

On top of this galactic spanning story, that which is the likes of Halo and Star Wars (and one could argue even better than), you still manage to weave in the small human touches to each facet of the story to remind us that this millennia spanning story is ultimately made up of humans just like us. I especially loved the first interlude story that was just so perfectly paced that it felt like I experienced the lifetime of a character within a single chapter.

I both love that I am able to read this story so accessibly on Ff but also saddened that it won’t get the attention it really deserves outside of the Madoka Magica and FF niche. I genuinely believe that if the story wasn’t tied up so neatly with the anime to the tiniest detail (which I love so much) then this could be an award winning boom series.

All of these things and more I would love to leave in a review to hopefully provide you the motivation to complete this beautiful work of art that you have poured so much time and love into; however, I have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning so I’ll keep it short.

PS. I haven’t seen anywhere that you have listed any sort of donation or fundraising page but if you do have one then let me know. I would love to send you a proper appreciation for the work you have created instead of just a few paragraphs I put together.
8/17 c40 Prolbo
Well... It's all pretty awful but undeniably expected considering how world works. That's strong chapter with lots of atrocities and trauma.
8/16 c65 9DayDreamer9
Yeesh, I get sick for one week and THIS IS HUGE!

Reality-distortion... Are they talking about the Incubators? The Wishes? This reeks of what happened in Rebellion: it'd be right up their alley. But for what purpose?

Meanwhile, Governance is compromised, and Magical Girls thought dead are now showing up as a sort of secret service, which makes me wonder: was Governance ever NOT compromised?

I felt a buttload of anxiety for Ryouko; that whole scene was beautifully done. Awesome! I can't wait to see what happens next "HUGS"
8/13 c16 Prolbo
Oh no. I have a bad feeling about those "unknown" and "untraceable" wishes. Does someone wished xenocidal murder-aliens into existence?
8/8 c65 Psykoakuma
Oh man, Ryouko-chan got messed up way more than I thought she did. So hang on a second, these aliens think the humans dying in combat aren't actually dying? Like they're just killing drones or something? That's one hell of an oversight. This alien language is an interesting approach to communication, or more specifically, thinking. It actually makes me wonder if anyone has tried experiments in thinking in a multi-threaded kind of way. I don't think you could consciously have multiple voices speaking all at once (at least not with much sanity), but there's nothing to say there aren't parallel modes of consciousness going on already. I could see this as a sort of independent subconscious analysis leading to sudden insights, seemingly out of nowhere.

Goddamn, Simona is totally playing up her absolutely self-centered nature without apology lol! Asami's exercising a magical level of patience in dealing with her, that's for sure! I really have to wonder how these events fit into Madoka's plans though. There must be some reason for it all, and involving these specific people, but I sure can't see it.

Welcome to the party Mami! Looks like she's getting a taste of the fun Kyouko and Yuma have been having. Still, if Homura is with her, then I suspect the situation will be resolved with absolute efficiency. The one person at the center of basically every important event in recent history, everywhere and nowhere, culpable or not, Homura has clearly been extremely busy. And after everything that's been revealed, she has more than a little explaining to do.
8/3 c64 Psykoakuma
Oh my god... I'm not sure what to say! Incredible chapter, but at the same time, incredibly dark. This is basically an everyone winds up losing at some point type of experience. Still, really great writing! Most of the time this story has a bit of a fantastical feel to it with all the hyper advanced technology and basically superhuman magical girls; not this time though. I mean yeah there's magic, but it feels very hard and limited. No miracles are gonna save the day this time. And you know what? I really enjoyed that change in tone. For the most part it legit felt like I was reading a historical documentary on a pivotal event!

Regardless, getting to that stunning ending... fuck me! I think I get it now! Homura preserved and continued the research into converting this grief magic into basically unlimited energy. This is probably what she used to utterly destroy the initial alien invasion of Earth! It also explains why the aliens never push their invasion hard enough to overwhelm humanity. If Homura does in fact possess the means of unleashing (effectively) infinite energy she could destroy literally everything. Obviously it would take the most extreme existential threat for her to go through with that, and the aliens must understand this. So they may be fighting a war of attrition, without pushing too hard, to contain and try to eventually figure out a way to counter such a threat. I mean this even puts a whole new spin the alien invasion, are they are attacking humanity because the risk to the universe as a whole is simply too great? Also who was Homura talking to? That has to be MADOKA!
7/30 c64 Verdantia
Ok, I admit it's been so long since I read this that I got into this Akari chapter and started thinking it was the whole story lol. Still... brutal...
7/30 c64 Verdantia
ohhhh you are kidding me

We've spent the last arc seeing from Akari's perspective and then she's dead in one paragraph like a foot-note? Geeze.
7/30 c65 Canon Compli-aint
Two Thoughts

1) I smell a Homua who's been mass timeline hopping again. Just like the good/bad old days. :D (This is probably heavily implied in earlier chapters, but I didn't reread everything for the update)

2) This third party magical enemy... Incubators? I suspect it's them, but am not 100% sure. More like 90%. Trying to dethrone Madoka? I remember them being unusually interested in that ribbon...
7/29 c65 wimb
welp, time to translate the whole story into thinker speech...
this is one of the best stories i have ever read. until next chapter everyone!
7/29 c65 2Lord-Sylph
Oh my. This was/is a lot to process
7/29 c65 19The Unplanner
Huh, this new syntax is complex, but as a reader, it's easy enough to just read the whole passage and decipher the multiple threads of content afterwards. Likely as designed.

So the "Thinkers" are worried about Witches destroying the universe, basically...and they're not wrong. Which indicates that the misunderstanding is on the part of the Incubators trying to locate and dethrone the Goddess who prevents that scenario, like in the movie.

Meanwhile, the Earth is under attack. It's a bit late for the Thinker Consensus to broadcast "μ.Oops, my bad".
7/29 c65 Mernom
I was expecting an interesting and actually ALIEN view of an alien civilization, not just differently shaped humans.
Needless to say, I was not disappointed.
7/29 c64 1HexasMancer
One word: AMAZING. This is such a strong story and this chapter had all the waiting-for-heartbreak of the original series thanks to what was already set up for the reader. 5 stars.
7/29 c65 3Boyboy180
Amazing, two of my favourite parts of sci-fi right next to each other. The reason for war and how the alien language works.
It reminds me of the Ender's game book series in that way. That was probably at least part of the inspiration if I'm guessing right?
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