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10/9/2011 c3 China2009
another great chapter I looove this story
10/9/2011 c3 Umbra8191
great chapter i can't wait for the next update.
10/1/2011 c2 Umbra8191
great chapter i can't wait for the next update.
9/28/2011 c1 3Warrior-princess1980
I love it! A pissed Rogue is a scary Rogue.
9/25/2011 c1 CaptMacKenzie
Just got finished reading "Noctambulism" as well... which I had abandoned @ one point, only a few chapters in, probably due to too much similarity from other stories that were already in progress on this same forum. Not that I'm saying it was deliberately similar. But when I saw there was a sequel in progress, I decided to check it out again. Glad I did! I enjoyed your style, and I am glad for the ambivalent ending; yes, that's a good thing oftentimes. More "literary", definitely. (not that any college Lit teacher would deign to label what we write here "literature". LOL)

on a sidenote: I do NOT appreciate the dig at FOX news. In case you haven't noticed, the typical conservative (and about 60% of Americans fall in that political category) isn't the least bit prejudiced. Whereas, your average elitist Democrat (esp. the Beltway gang) are about as virulently discriminatory as your stereotypical Confederate-flag-carrying ignorant redneck. They just hide it better with their polished doublespeak.

Just FYI. Don't let the media blitz of the last decade of unusually trying times make you think we're all kooks. I really hate it when my fellow youth are so misinformed. Try to remember that soundbytes are often deliberately taken out of context in order to manufacture more dramatic news... by ALL the networks.

Aside from that one very irksome little sentence, though, I really enjoyed this little installment! I love to see Gambit's family anytime; they're a fun bunch to let your imagination run away with, and I like to see different ppl's takes on Mattie, Jean-Luc, Emil, Mercy & Henri. The dangerous situation you're creating in the society at large has a wealth of interesting possibilities, for sure.

The only con-crit I feel a burning need to offer is that your portrayal of Storm feels a little weak. She rarely feels like a true leader. In the movies she was passionate; in the comics she was a rock, regal but warm. Hers is a very steady intensity, a personality under a sort of controlled burn. In "noctambulism", she just seems tired and at loose ends most of the time, unsure what to do. It comes across (to me) as very unlike her.
9/24/2011 c1 Icelynne
Yay! Another great story so far!
9/24/2011 c1 Umbra8191
great chapter i can't wait for the next update.
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