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12/31/2020 c29 technoblade.NOT
2/8/2020 c26 pt1oef
I really hope this continues! I love how Homura protect people she cares, and I want to see Homura working with Kiritsugu Emiya. Using wonderful time magic and lots of explosions together! I really love to see Homura playing rough. It is fantastic to see her not only taking care of Madoka, but protecting Illya at the same time, too. I really want to see her being a veteran in front of Illya! This will be amazing!
1/31/2020 c25 pt1oef
This is TOO amusing! Well done!
1/30/2020 c16 pt1oef
This is truly gold! Marvelous!
1/29/2020 c3 pt1oef
This is cool! Well done!
10/18/2019 c29 1PanickingNoob
I admit men, even now sometimes I still have some time to grasp some concept due to not very familiar with Code Geass, pls dont burn me XD, but this is still 1 of the best story I have read! Thank u so much!
5/10/2019 c1 Guest
the Black Knight is Decade from Decade, the White Knight is Ixa from Kiva, and the Gr(e/a)y Witch is Kivaara a Kiva Rider from Decade. Nice
4/9/2018 c8 10J the Abarekiller
C.C. I have a question

C.C.: Yes what is it.

How did you did you know about the parts you weren't there for?

C.C.:... Well... uh... (takes pizza box and slowly walks backwards to room)
8/20/2016 c29 7Paxloria
Great story!
Though it seems like there are some inconsistancy's in the explanations and in the Kyubey's (in the little alien's case it sounds like it came from a 3rd world [on account of his whole species getting emotions] rather than from the Material World ]because you wrote that he was the only Kyubey to get emotions]).

Also, because of the extra sentence, it sounds like there SHOULD have been 4 Lelouch's in that park instead of 3.

The Park sceen was a bit confusing because you didn't properly explain which was which. Eventually I worked out that:
W. Lelouch white Lelouch
B. Lelouch black Lelouch
However, the last one,
D. Lelouch ?
Really had me stumped. I just COULDN'T figure out what the "D" was for until it finally occured to me that "D" could have meant "Double".
My first guess was "D" for "Decade" but I knew that had to be wrong because the Lelouch that was native to the Material World was never "Dacade".
So beeing clearer on that would have been good.

I find it hard to believe that Emperor Lelouch could somehow end up becoming General Lelouch of the TSAB. I really don't see how that could have happened.

I guess that Lelouch ended up falling for C.C. but then she desided to die. That must have sucked.
8/20/2016 c27 Paxloria
These episodes of an alternate possible sequal to the main story... It would be best if there were all together in a single story of their own instead of spaced out with other extras inbetween.
8/19/2016 c26 Paxloria
I would have liked to know if Kyubey could have been affected by Geass.
8/19/2016 c25 Paxloria
This is a a story that should be continued!

Though I DO think that Kiritsugu should have made more of an effert to get to know his new daughter before running off like that, otherwise what was the point of bringing her to visit if he wasn't going to spend time with her and get to know her?

Also I really REALLY want to know what happens next.

You ARE planing to make some of these extras into their own many-chaptered story, right?
8/19/2016 c24 Paxloria
This is good.
The only major mistake I saw was when Naoto removed & dropped his driver and replaced it with Suzaku's to become Xtreme.
He SHOULD have left it on when he added Suzaku's, because logically without it that would have just made Naoto & Lelouch the next (less compatable) Double.
By combining all 3 drvers though, that would make a beleavable change to Extreme.

If it was all a play for Material-H, then Why did Material seem so genuinly upset at the death of Material-L, even when no one was around to see him?
8/19/2016 c23 Paxloria
The timeline doesn't really mach up to the kids ages (Homera 4 when mom died, yet is younger than Shirou) but this is good. It would be great if you could continue with this. It'd be great to see what happens.
Though there WOULD be the problem with Homera's soul gem quickly getting corrupted and no witches or Madoka around to purify it.

Anyway, this would be great to continue!
8/18/2016 c22 Paxloria
Great chapter!

In the first section you wrote that Kuybei had emotions because of "that guys plan", meaning something Lelouch didd for revenge on the Incubator. But later on you wrote that the emotions were the result of a wish that a Magical girl made a long time ago.

So this is an alternate world thats different than the one that fetured in the main story?And the Alternate Lelouch/Decade from the alternate future kept the original Decade equips and DIDN'T switch with that Tsukasa guy?
So then why would alternate Kallen act like she doesn't know who Dark Decade is since its an obvious guess that everyone knows that its Prince/Emperor Lelouch?
And if this is an alternate parallel world thats different from the one that C.C, Suzaku, Lelouch forst traveled to (you can tell because of the Incubators emotions) then why go there?

Did "The World" send the daughters to them?
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