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3/17/2019 c1 The Imaginatour
12/10/2017 c8 hopeless fan
you made me have feelings

i dont like it

i love the story but i hate the fsct it made me cry
5/18/2017 c3 18DCKidWing13
"Walker". I've tried hard not to picture the new agent in season 12, Stephen Walker...
11/15/2014 c8 12MW3addict
Awesome story !
10/6/2014 c8 Helena
Wow your stories are so good! I read your profile, and yes for Flute and Piano! I am currently procrastinating a very important assignment for school, but I can't stop reading! Its so so engrossing!
9/21/2014 c1 15Asha Davis
did Spencer just kill Henery!
7/2/2014 c8 6Zoge Hetai
I think I've found it. My favorite fanfic. i have read hundreds upon hundreds of fanfics, each unique in their own wat, but this, this is something else entirely that can be seen as a possible episode! This fanfic has immediately won #1 as my favorite fanfic of all time.
5/13/2014 c8 DutchWreck
Holy fuck
12/29/2013 c8 4aku no tensai
Ohhhh! I love the ending. Almost makes it seem like what happened to Reid is something like a virus. VERY nice touch even though I think it wasn't intended and wasn't what you were aiming for.
2/19/2013 c8 2HarlesAugust
1/1/2013 c8 Aurora
This made me cry :c
6/19/2012 c8 8UnDeanifiedMadness
I love this story in a non-morbid way lol. Great work and great imagination loved it all... Xo
12/14/2011 c8 Sebby-chan3000
wow...awesome story...wish reid hadn't of died though
11/4/2011 c8 Namesarenotimportant
I mean, I liked it, but I think it would have been better if you had kept Reid alive.
10/9/2011 c8 7laneydaze96
What can I say? This story is a complete shock, every step of the way. I haven't seen any author write mental illness as well as you. You absolutely nail it, in your schizophrenia story as well. And you have done things that some authors would never dare to do. I mean, you killed HENRY! Sweet, little baby Henry! And he wasn't killed by an evil serial killer or anything, he was killed by our beloved Reid!

You were extremely brave in doing that, and it was a risk. But it paid off. It helped show just how extreme mental illness can be and how much it warps people.

Omg, the ending! So sad. Poor Morgan. And the team! What an awful way to lose a friend. JJ must be completely torn. The man who killed her little baby is dead, so you could say justice was served, but the man who was her best friend is dead as well. It's almost like two personalities, when you think about it. Because Reid wasn't Reid.

Anyway, beautifully written!
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