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9/28/2011 c3 susannah2000
I just wanted to add my two cents in regard to Reid on the show, whether he will become ill. I don't think he will. I think if he was going to develop schizophrenia, it would have appeared before now. I don't believe his genius is a portal to mental illness.
9/28/2011 c5 susannah2000
Oh my god. How utterly utterly terrifying that would be. Poor poor Reid. I am glad they have found him. I also didn't mean to make light of his killing Henry, that is monstrous, but he is so sick.
9/28/2011 c4 susannah2000
Well this is different! Just found it. Reid isn't playing well with others I see. Especially poor Henry. Poor Reid though, too! How is JJ holding up? I guess this is a warning for parents out there, if you plan to drop your kid off at your friend's house, and he forgot, and is writing mad equations all over the house, DON'T DO IT, unless you wanna come back and find your kid in a BAD way! I guess Hotch will be rethinking asking him to babysit Jack.

Here's a question, since it NEVER happens, and since Reid is on a murderous rampage anyway, could he perhaps kill Morgan? It never hurts to ask! I love all the team but him and he NEVER gets anything done to him.

But what is going to happen to poor Reid?
9/28/2011 c4 234I'm Nova
Really nice! I positively love Reid, but I think all us fans have wondered if (...when?...) he's going to fall into madness. And I can see the necessity (and coerency) of detective Walker's character, even if I really got annoyed at him when he dared to underestimate Reid.

Keep up the very good work!
9/28/2011 c3 CMSP
God! I really didn't want to think Hnry would be dead. And i think i can't get this story if reid did that. Maybe an unsub get in reid's home and he did this and after that reid uffered a severe psychotic break? hat's only explaiton i get. Imean please don't say that Reid killed Henry. The team would never forgive him, he never forgive himself. And i think if the finds out what he did, he kills himself. So please let there be other option,not reid. Maybe before that, he wasn't ok and because of he didn't protect henry, his godson, he killed in front of him, he breaks down. And this is his house, this is his godson, of course there will be a lot of fingerprint!
9/27/2011 c4 15Samiferal
Haha, I love how they get so angry at Walker^^

And I love Nietzsche, too. Should I worry about that...? :D
9/26/2011 c3 Samiferal
...the psycho's arithmetic. Haha^^
9/26/2011 c1 3Huffleclawmage
9/26/2011 c3 Huffleclawmage
Was that a Mesn Girls reference?
9/26/2011 c2 1lolyncut
No, I think I am going to give up. This story just isn't for me. Don't like baby-killing Reid, don't like nuts Reid. I'm sure some people will love these facts. I'm just not one of them.
9/26/2011 c2 Hailey9989
Holy Shit, this would be so sad if I wasnt so hyper right now. At this point, everything is hilarious. Sooooooooooooooooooooo, just wonderin, will Emily have a large part in this story? Oh yea, and i like this story so far, its a lil crazy but Im a fan of crazy.
9/26/2011 c2 15Samiferal
Aaaaah you just couldn't resist, could you? Well anyway.

I agree with that other review that you could have been a little more descriptive (not about the dead baby, of course!), but otherwise I like it.
9/25/2011 c1 4superfluffball
Wow. Did Reid really kill Henry? Because that's a bit morbid. You're writing style is okay. I'm not sure if you're going for this or not, but your writing style is a bit bare. Adding descriptive phrases or even the occasional adjective could make your writing more interesting and engaging. Instead of starting your paragraphs and sentences with someone's name or a pronoun, try mixing it up. Starting of your sentences with independent clauses and verb phrases could help.

All in all, it was an exciting and somewhat suspenseful first chapter. Increasing the amount of description will elongate your chapter, causing greater suspense. Anyway, for some reason, psycho!Reid always appeals to me. It would be so cool if that actually happened in the show. Please don't kill Henry off! Just have him injured or something!
9/25/2011 c1 15Samiferal
Yay, first review!

Okay... so, I really hope he hurt himself and not Henry, because although character death is okay, baby death is not. But don't think I didn't enjoy it - I only looked at the page for a second before I spotted the equation and was like "omg that is SOOO A-Beautiful-Mind-like!" And it is. A Beautiful Mind is awesome, although in the actual book writing on walls and windows is never mentioned. Either way, I enjoyed this a lot :) Especially that dialogue "Um, Reid?" "Yes?" "What's all this...stuff all over the walls?" "I'm working on something." LOL

Great writing, I'm looking forward to further chapters! (And I must say I will continue reading, even if Henry dies, can't help myself^^)

Love, L
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