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11/27/2011 c7 ip freeley
Just found this today. I really like how it's going so far!
11/23/2011 c8 Yhiunta
Chapter 9 is still not online? I'm waiting so desperately.

But let me guess: You're taking part in GISHWHES, too?

At least this would be a very very good excuse for keeping us waiting XD

Your trying-to-be-patient fan

11/20/2011 c8 4KitElizaKing
Such a good story, I'm enjoying very, very much! This is an interesting angle to the alternate universe storyline, and a compelling one. I like the idea that Misha and Dean are loving each other, but are totally seeing two other people while they're doing it. Now I'm glad that Dean's back in his own universe and has a chance to show Cas how he really feels about him.

I'm also glad Misha isn't really dead, since poor Jensen wouldn't want to come back and not have his little love-muffin, too.

And, I've seen that bit on 'Nip/Tuck'...so freaking funny! The Plow position, and the demonstration and Julian McMahon's character going he was *this* close to acheiving what Misha's character could. So glad you included that in your story.
11/13/2011 c8 7YaOi69LoVeR
TT_TT Poor Dean. It made me cry when he found Misha dead. -sighs- I'm ready for the plot twist so please UPDATE as soon a possible I want to know what is going to happen ^_^
11/13/2011 c7 YaOi69LoVeR
why do I have a feeling that the next chapter is going to make me cry?
11/13/2011 c5 YaOi69LoVeR
Loved it! hahahaha can't wait to read the rest
11/13/2011 c4 YaOi69LoVeR
hhhhmmmmm~~ so nice hahaha if I was the person behind them I wouldn't have honked at them hahahaha XD
11/13/2011 c3 YaOi69LoVeR
I would totally be that girl trying to rip Sam's shirt off hahahahaha XD
11/13/2011 c8 ebrith
Why isn't there more of this already?

I am going to be climbing the walls while waiting for the next chapter - it's that damn good.

Dean... Cas... actual emotions and not just smut! I think I'm in heaven.

I am so pleased I found this! I cant thank you enough for having taken the time to write and upload this, its awesomesauce and I seriously cant wait til you can update again!
11/13/2011 c7 ebrith
I hated that they killed Misha... I mean - not as much as I despised the fact they killed Cas, that's just... impossible to top (although they came close with the cliff-hanger that made it look like they killed Bobby off too)

So, if you have kept him alive - I will be most grateful... because even though he isn't Cas, he is still SO cute! And I would hate for him to be dead...
11/13/2011 c5 ebrith
OK - well, I'm loving you right now. This is the first Destiel to make it to my favourites, simply for the fact that it seems to be the best I have read thus far.

Now, don't take that the wrong way and think that I don't think of this as friggin awesomely fantastic (the smut was excellent too!)

I am really pleased that I found this - and look forward to continuing, seeing as you seem to have a very intriguing plot lined up...

Congrats on an awesome fic so far - and hopefully lots more awesomeness to come! ♥
11/10/2011 c8 20Demitria Miriam
Ahh such an engaging fic! I really like this idea you've got going here! I'm anxious to see more as well! I really want Misha to be okay though. Especially if the bodies have really switched back to where they were suppose to be and then Jensen finds Misha dead... Not want! In any case... Great job!

11/10/2011 c2 Demitria Miriam
First Supernatural fic for me. Gah, I'm loving this so far! Great job!

11/9/2011 c8 Pampamgirl
I cried cos I put myself in Jensen's situation. If he came back and then *bang* OMG. I can't stop crying. Please twist it again.
11/8/2011 c8 16Kimisha
love it hun! keep up the good work! look forward to chapter 9! xx
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