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11/4/2011 c7 Andrea
Let Misha live, give us a good scare n some tears nut let him live!
11/4/2011 c7 Andrea
Let Misha live, give us a good scare n some tears nut let him live!
11/4/2011 c7 lljn105
11/4/2011 c7 28flyingcrane
But…but…Cas isn't dead! At least, in my head he isn't. I just think maybe Misha goes missing for a while or something, like Cas cause I honestly don't think he's dead (they can't cute Misha out of their little trio of awesome!) and I don't want either Dean or Jensen heartbroken :'(

Just letting you know, if you kill off Misha, I will cry, and sob, and rock back and forth in a dark, dark little corner of a basement…but I will continue reading even if it breaks my heart D:

I'm dreading/excited for the next chapter!
11/4/2011 c7 3Maddy Love Castiel
Make him live! :) he should be happy with real jensen and dean should be happy with real cass. :)
11/4/2011 c7 AbeChan
Wäää, no chapter :((

Buuuut, an interesting question :D

I don't really care either way 'cause if Dean is going back to his universe and hopefully getting somewhere with Cas (wink wink!) it doesn't matter thaaat much. Of course I'd feel bad for the Jensen of the French Mistake world when he "comes" back and finds out Misha is dead :O

And Idea of Misha dying is just heartbreaking to me!

.. yeah. I don't like the idea of Misha dying. Not at all. But if that's what you'll decide I'm going to be fine with it. (Thought I'm going to cry my eyes out... :D) Not gonna stop reading if that's the case.

But if you kill Misha and then you won't sent Dean back to his universe I'm going to drop this story. I'd not be able to take that kinda stuff in. No way.
11/4/2011 c7 23ChelseaEllie
Dont Kill Misha :-(

I find that horribly hard to watch in the show, cos its Misha, not Fred, Bert, Cliff, his character is meant to be our beloved actor

Thats the one thing i really didnt like about that episode, and annoying real Ruby was in it

Plus for your story Jensen is happy it would be cruel for dean to make that change. It would be nice for Dean to get a few more days with him and really stuggle with his feelings for him, and have 2nd thoughts about leaving, and sam trick him in to leaving, and then Dean be really unhappy about this for a bit
11/4/2011 c7 2Iloveyaoi2much
Please let him LIVE!
11/4/2011 c7 8skiing Pelican
For the story line, it's surely better to let him die... a dramatic ending always makes the romance appear a bit more "special". At least I feel like that. And imagine Dean's reaction when he comes back and sees Cas again...

So, logically, it would be better to let him die. I think. I'm sure a lot of readers will disagree because they only want to read schmoop. But to be honest... when does Supernatural ever have a good ending?


(I'll continue reading this story anyway)
11/4/2011 c7 42Lahtraya Obsidian Moon
I vote LIVE !
11/3/2011 c7 Rinienne
Misha should live! :)
11/3/2011 c7 4Namikazekamui
well... i think i prefer Misha still alive in this story, because let face it... there is Jensen, who in this story in established relationship with Misha. so, i do not think it will be fair (in my opinion) for Jensen when he come back to his universe to find his lover dead in the hand of virgil...

so... yeah, i more prefer he alive in this story when Dean and Jensen switch place to their respective universe...
11/3/2011 c7 9Steamcraft
If he were to die, you'd probably have to change the humor genre. Dean, if he ever gets back to their real universe, might value Cas just a bit more. If Misha doesn't die, he might not want to leave if there was a way home.
11/3/2011 c7 hfdvbhjgyf
You're going to kill him aren't you? I will keep reading as long as you promise that Dean is gonna be happy(and with Cas) in the end. So promise that he's gonna be happy! Please make him happy! *Pouts*
11/3/2011 c6 Yhiunta
Aaaawww a new chapter! OMC! I waited so desperately for this, and now I read it and finished reading and... almost can't wait for the next update XD

I'm still totally amazed how great you manage to keep Dean IC even with realising how he feels for Cas!

I know, this is a nonsense-Review. No suggestions, no critics. I just feel like letting you know how much I enjoy reading your FF and how much I'm looking forward to get to know what happens next.

Rewatched 'The French Mistake' last week and... well I just happened to imagine how Dean might react to the way Balthazar talks to Cas imediately after Dean and Sam came back in this story. I'm sooooo curious *_*
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