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11/3/2011 c6 4Oracle Thunder
I liked this chapter.

As for the Impala, while Jensen may not be seen driving it I think after so many years of playing Dean he'd like it as a memento or something. You know for sentiments sake.
11/2/2011 c6 1I lost a A Bet To Madara
It made more sense that way, its good that you went with that, cool.

Besides,if it was his body, and not just his mind it would have made the sex very painful. Atleast, from what I could guess anyway.

This is a great take on this, but, I'm surprised you didn't have the real castiel show up, or virgil kill Misha like the original episode, however, I gotta say, you made this your own. And for english not being a a second language the grammer and spelling is better, and I mean way better that most native-speaking english people I know.

Hell, I know an idot who can't spell the f word, let alone ones we use daily, and he's twenty three. lol

So, please, keep goin on this. Its great, and I normally am kinda harsh with my reviews. Normally, I point out all mistakes, nicley, but I point'em out. I just didn't see anything serious here. It was a very well crafted story.

Other than suggesting more torturing Sam stuff, I really like where this is goin, its funny, I gotta feeling, that when then try to go home, Dean an't gonna go- or, they can't. That the spell dosen't work, that this isn't an alternative reality, but reality and what they had thought of being right-wasn't.

That this wasn't the nightmare, the place they woke up from was, or where they came from was.

Sorry, can't help myself.. Gotta go with the flow, lol, besides, its the vib I get, you know. Anyway, good luck!
11/2/2011 c6 4Cyberbutterfly
Makes sense that the Jen and Dean would do a 'mind swap'... Probably takes less energy that way (considering how much it took out of Cas and Anna to jump into the past)

As for the Impala... I don't know... Could go either way- I've heard of some actors on a series that come to hate stuff that's assosicated with their character, and other ones who are the complete opposite.

Like David Hewlet (played Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis) In that series they all started hanging out and stuff... So, I'm willing to buy that Jenson likes the Impala. (besides- it's a cool car.)
11/2/2011 c5 8DeansMuse
Suggestion (since I already reviewed Ch. 6):

When the boys get back to their reality, you could have Dean revert back to his old self since Cas is an angel and Dean has perpetual low self-esteem with severe guilt complexes. You said that Dean and Jensen switched bodies so that means that Jensen has been with Cas during this time. If Jensen kept coming on to Cas while Dean was away, then Cass could make the first move when Dean gets back. I love the first time Dean ever saw Cas scene in the barn during "Lazareth Rising". The part where Cass stares into Dean's eyes and states knowingly that Dean doesn't think he deserves to be "saved" can be changed to he doesn't think he deserves to be "cared for" or "loved". Then Cas can go all dominating on him and make him accept (submit) to Castiel in that way.

Just a suggestion. :-)!
11/2/2011 c6 3Maddy Love Castiel
Awwww :( so sad! He dosent want to leave misha! Fantastic chapter! I can't wait for more! I loved it! Please update soon! :)
11/2/2011 c6 16darkphoenix2345
OMC! I was about to place this story under my alerts and was pleasantly surprised to see you had just posted the latest chapter...and another excellent one it was. It is going to feel surreal to read when the boys return to their dimension/reality. I am dying to see how Dean is going to act around the real Cas.
11/2/2011 c6 8DeansMuse
I think you did a really good job of keeping Dean in character and having "feelings". I really enjoyed it.

So the spell doesn't work, if I remember right. Does that mean that Dean does get his night with Misha? Please don't have Misha die like he did in the show.

I vote for bottom Dean tonight. Or a marathon where they both get to top. You know, since it might be the last time.
11/2/2011 c6 8skiing Pelican
Everytime I get an e-mail from fanfiction that another chapter of your story is on, a big smile spreads on my face. This is definitely one of my most-favorites!

I think you really kept Dean very good in character. He has this no-chick-flick-rule, but we all know how it really looks inside him :D

And your Dean is NO douche bag Romeo from a badly written chick movie! LOL (And do I really have to mention that this is NOT badly written?)

Btw. I think you are right about the car thing. But it was cute in this story, so it's ok.

Only a thought - I really begin to wonder where Jensen and Jared went. I'm not a SPN fan who knows much about the actors, but I'm really curious how Cas would react to Jens. Especially if Jens thinks he is Misha. I know it's only an alternate reality, but I like to think that it will continue to exist even when Sam and Dean are back home :)

But this is only my 0,0002 cent
11/2/2011 c6 odst-survivor
Love this story! can't wait to read more:-) the whole impala thing maybe jensen really does like the car i mean eveything else of his still fits deans persona so why not the impala but thats just my opinion:-):-)
11/2/2011 c5 9SALIGIA-the seven deadly sins
This is AWESOME! I was struck speechless by that lemon, really still recovering from that hot citrus hit. So glad I decided to have a look at this fic, I think you just made my day. Please tell me you're still writing more, and that you're going to cover the fallout in the other reality.I am going to eagerly await any reply you can give me.
10/23/2011 c5 4Rogue Lumiere Declair
Amazing I love it so far please update soon.
10/22/2011 c4 23ChelseaEllie
I am really loving this story, which scares me a little as slash is so not my thing, but its funny, cute and well written well done :-) and cant wait for the next chapter
10/19/2011 c5 SageLondyn
OMG I don't really read slash fictions, but u stumbled upon yours and I have a few things to say... You did an AMAZING job with this whole thing. Seriously I loved every moment of all 5 chapters so far!

I hope you update soon, you have amazing talent


10/18/2011 c5 54totalizzyness
OMG, you've got to write more! I love this!
10/15/2011 c5 Yhiunta
I absolutely love your FF! It's great! Esecially the way how you display Dean is so wonderfully InCharacter! Most fanfictions simply forget that he's actually a heterosexual man with a slight homophobia after all. The way you solved this is just enjoyable!

Please go on and update soon!

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