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for The Tales of Christopher Perry

6/30/2020 c7 Lilu
still one of my MOST favourite stories! please continue, it's such a great fic :*
1/2/2018 c7 WinterValentine
Keep up the good work!
11/28/2017 c7 Wolf'sVine
Um, poor Chris, he seems to love Wyatt very dearly, but he also seems to have given up on the him that he's become... if that makes sense. And, I guess the girl-only child continues since Wyatt and Chris had a girl, though I guess they could have a boy sometime in the future if Wyatt hadn't turned... dark. And... I like this fic and the intricacies of it! It's so marvelous! I'm hoping that you'll update sometime.
8/9/2017 c7 SorceressEternityIII
Aww, I wish there was more! I wanna know what happens next! I like the Chris/Wyatt relationship with the mpreg in the mix. I'm trying to figure out how Chris has Whitelighter powers when he's not even part Whitelighter. Maybe he gained Piper's Whitelighter power when he was pregnant with her and that's why she doesn't have any Whitelighter abilities?
6/9/2016 c7 3Syriel1
tu fais une suite ?
5/25/2016 c7 IAmCayj
Id like to read more if you continue this story. Also, I wonder where their daughter is. I doubt Wyatt would have left her with demons, even his most trusted ones, while he took a field trip to the past.
11/11/2015 c7 brendafay
more please
8/1/2015 c7 Wildchild076682
Update please I really want to know what gonna happen now they know who turned Wyatt and all those question about Chris I would love to know the answer to them
5/26/2015 c7 Guest
Please continue! I love this story and I really want to know what happens next. Do they find out who Chris is? How will they react? What will Wyatt Do?
1/10/2015 c7 DyingInnocence
No more?
12/7/2014 c7 asm
great chap- thanks 4 sharing
4/11/2014 c7 belladu57
Very good
2/11/2014 c7 Nyx811
1/20/2014 c7 BadassFanKickass
1/15/2014 c7 ambroserollinsgirl
Awesome chapter, can't wait for more :)
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